Cephalectomy – Tide Of Substance Lyrics

CEPHALECTOMYTide Of Substance Lyrics
The sun, so far away
Casts such a luminance
Enveloping all in its path
Casting shadows
And fading into dusk
Over the horizon it falls
And the sun casts a shadow
A note fills the air
Vibration sets innocent tone
Asylum from the tremors of the sun
As the moon blooms in the ebon sky
Embracing the sea of a raven universe
And stars fill the sky like silver sand
The tide of substance ebbing and flowing
Spines from the core of a furious force
Evolving never ceasing like vines in time
Reaching for the failure of our future
Shifting of matter, to chaos and disorder
Forming of life and existence, absorb and split
Swirling around the sun of all things
I have seen the harmony of havoc
I have felt the mortal push of existence
Gather in the storms of the universe
Let the course sharpen its destination
An absolute infinity of shapeless manifest
Falling upon the leaves of absolute mortality
A melting of frequencies
Betray our reality
Lending us fantasy
To the endless horizon
An era of spatial fragmentation
Melting and dividing creation
Relation of ruminant diversion
Architectural definition of solemnity
Expressed visions of burdens we bare…