Celebrate 11th Say Something Nice Sunday

Many American Baptists, Episcopal, Lutheran and Methodists churches around the country joined. Free materials are available at www.fbcharleston.org. Contact: Mitch Carnell, 843-556-2310CHARLESTON, S.C., May 30, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — Celebrate the 11th. Click on Messages/Resources at the top of the page then scroll down to Say Something Nice Sunday. You are encouraged to create your own materials. Share
Tweet You will find, Bible verses, devotionals, suggestions for use, art work and the purpose of the celebration. Every church, denomination, religious organization or group fostering greater harmony and goodwill are encouraged to join. In Corinthians 13:13, St. The Charleston/Atlantic Presbytery joined followed by the Disciples of Christ and the Catholic Diocese of Charleston which includes all of South Carolina. You make our lives better. I heartily endorse the mission of Say Something Nice Sunday and urge all Christians to participate. That is our purpose. There are no fees or anything to buy. Annual Say Something Nice Sunday. "We are trying to make the world a safer and happier place," according to Mitch Carnell, Chair of the ecumenical committee.The movement began at First Baptist Church of Charleston and was adopted by the Charleston County Baptist Association. What better way is there for Christians to express this virtue than to participate in Say Something Nice Sunday?"Everyone can use a word of encouragement, a smile or a pat on the back. That is the message we want to send. You are unique, one of a kind. Paul tells us that the greatest virtue is love. Everybody is somebody. Annual Say Something Nice Sunday on June 4th. The book of Hebrews tells us, "Not to neglect to show kindness to strangers." When members and visitors exit the sanctuary of historic First Baptist Church of Charleston on June 4, they will be given a daisy, the symbol of friendship, with the instructions, "Give it to a stranger and say something nice." Mayor Tom Tait of Anaheim, California said, "Acts of kindness create a vibration that extends out like the ripples from pebbles and brings people together."Sunday June 4, 2017 is the 11th. What better way can we express this belief than to celebrate a day devoted to healing with our words? Recently Green Lake Conference Center in Wisconsin and Louisiana College have joined the movement.The Most Reverend Bishop Robert Guglielmone of the Catholic Diocese of Charleston said in support of the movement, "Our words should be used to express love not hatred.