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Tasmin Archer – Sleeping Satellite Lyrics

If the world is so green Then why does it scream under a blue moon We wonder why If the earth’s sacrificed For the price of it’s greatest treasure I blame you for the moonlit sky And the dream that died With the Eagle’s flight I blame you for the moonlit nights When I wonder […]

Cold Forty Three – Hundred Dollar Bail Lyrics

baby. We’re misunderstood. Not your average dirty sanchos, we wear converse with our panchos. (Verse 2) We drink Cuervo, we don’t chase it. Someone post our hundred dollar bail. (Chorus) A 12X14 cell Lock us down in jail I want my call, Its not our fault. Let’s go beyond the skinny dip We’ll redefine the […]

Cross Canadian Ragweed – Carry You Home Lyrics

CROSS CANADIAN RAGWEEDCarry You Home Lyrics One day Jesus – he’s gonna come back And say enough of this You’re getting’ way off track All this stealin’, cheatin’, lyin’, all the little babies cryin’ Well I’ll tell ya I can’t take anymore Cause I died for your sins so long ago It seems you forget […]

Blinds – Amine lyrics

Amine lyrics Video Amine Caputo.(blinds) Close the blinds I want to see me shine Don’t want to hear you chime I want to see me glisten Close the blinds I want to see me shine Don’t want to hear you chime I want to see me glisten. Lyrics Amine – Blinds Every day I’m counting […]

Paranoia – Samy feat. Nimo songtexte

Deine Filme hör’n nicht auf (auf, auf, auf) Redest von Beyda und von Frau’n (Frau’n, Frau’n, Frau’n) Sagst, eine Kugel steckt im Lauf (Lauf, Lauf, Lauf) Doch dann steh’n wir nachts vor deinem Haus Und du schiebst Paranoooia Du schiebst Paranoooia Und du schiebst Paranoooia Du schiebst Paranoooia Und du schiebst Paranoiaaa. Way, du schiebst […]

Beautiful war – tyDi feat. Lola Rhodes lyrics

It’s taking me like it’s To feel this and I swear I know that I’ll be back again. Lyrics tyDi – Beautiful war Get up from the wooden floor Already dying more and more Last night was that really me I closed my eyes and all I see.(beautiful war) It’s taking me like it’s To […]

Desce tequila – Mc MM letra

Não tô afogando mágoa Eu só tô curtindo a vida Manda tequila Desce tequilaaa. Pode um namoro acabar Só não pode acabar a tequila Manda tequila Desce tequila. E nesse embalo da balada Inveja quem não fez Paz, alegria e curtição Eu vou ficar com as três. Letra Mc MM – Desce tequila O […]


That Boi Cassius I swear –Chorus– Bitch I’m the shit Bitch looka dis Gotta brick on my wrist Bitch looka dis Dis a brick yea yea yea yea yea yea yea Dis a brick yea yea yea yea yea yea yea Bitch talking shit, Big Boy get hit Come through shit gone get lit Snow […]

Dope Fiend

I could take care of you like a patient But I am not your doc ’cause you crazy You shouldn’t fuck with no ho that too lazy Bitch them niggas you fuck with fugazi That was back when Brenda had a baby I was tryin’ shit you niggas can’t –Chorus– Must be a dope fiend […]


Lyrics to ‘Wildin’ by Trouble: –Chorus: Trouble– Man the streets been wildin’, keep on losin’ all the jits Everybody wildin’, we just lettin’ off these sticks Dog just had a baby but he still down on his dick I just told my baby you is not gon’ want for shit Just stick to the G […]

Hillsong United – Not Today Lyrics

HILLSONG UNITEDNot Today Lyrics Trouble won’t throw me Won’t break me Won’t scare me No more Fear must have thought I was faithless When it came for my heart ‘Cause I got a song that will never die I know your love is the reason why I’ll sing the night into the morning I’ll sing […]

Worthless Son-in-laws – Not That Far Lyrics

I’ve climbed the towers of the ancient cathedrals I have walked along the Great Wall And seen the ruins of the old Roman forum I’ve marked how the mighty fall and how they leave mostly rocks behind. Not that far, not that far, From the look to the lust. I’ve been arrested for a misunderstanding […]

Loretta Lynn – We’re Not Kids Anymore Lyrics

LORETTA LYNNWe’re Not Kids Anymore Lyrics We’re not kids anymore not a little girl and boy But we break each other’s hearts like a child breaks a toy We’re a woman and a man watchin’ love slips through our hands Let’s grow up we’re not kids anymore I go out of my way to hurt […]

George Ezra – Don’t Matter Now Lyrics

GEORGE EZRADon’t Matter Now Lyrics Sometimes you need to be alone It don’t matter now Shut the door, unplug the phone It don’t matter now Speak in a language they don’t know It don’t matter now Well I don’t think about that stuff No, I don’t think about that stuff It don’t matter now Doo-doo-doo, […]

James Reid – Cool Down Lyrics

JAMES REIDCool Down Lyrics You know I’ve been working hard And later I got a show But I’ve been thinking ’bout you Now, I don’t want to go If I come pick you up We’ll get around about 4 Baby, close the door Don’t let ’em see what’s going on Pre-chorus: Lay back, take a […]

Calvin Harris – Prayers Up Lyrics

[Verse 1: Travis Scott] Take a molly like communion (pop one) My lil’ girl like, “What you doin’?” (flash one) I’m just tryna even out my odds (ride) Sip and sip ’til I feel like a God (God) Yeah, my cup overflowin’ (you know it, you know it) Fucked up and you know it (you […]

3 Colours Red – Intermission Lyrics

Consumer gods and fashion victims Ribbons round the walking bombs And who cares if you live or die And no-one asks you why you cannot speak A split decision… intermission You could use intermission… Recurring images… Fast forward stalactite of love If you take intermission Limits the sky above Where the soul survivors are flying […]

Jose Merce – Aire Lyrics

JOSE MERCEAire Lyrics Abre la ventana que avive La mañana al cuarto y la cocina Aire, aire, lelee pom, pom Aire pasa Aire nuevo, aire fresco Pa’ la caaasa Aire, aire Pasa, pasa Que tengas la puerta abierta La alegría pa la casa. Mitad del rosal? yo lee? Lele pom, pom Lelelele pasa Que tenga […]