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M.I.A. – Goals Lyrics

M.I.A.Goals Lyrics One When we come through we fly as f**k though I can mess with you but what for If I play with you it’ll be a draw Match made in heaven who’s keeping score Everywhere, every door there’s nowhere where we won’t go Every step, every blow we’re always going to get goals […]

Jonas Blue – Mama Lyrics

JONAS BLUEMama Lyrics Hey, mama, don’t stress your mind We ain’t coming home tonight Hey, ma, we’re gonna be alright Dry those eyes We’ll be back in the morning when the sun starts to rise So mama, don’t stress your mind So mama, don’t stress your mind Mama, mama, mama, yeah We ain’t coming home […]

Byron Bank – Different Day Same Shit Lyrics

BYRON BANKDifferent Day Same Shit Lyrics [Verse] So much be on my mind, but I tend to dot my eyes Still my Ts often get crossed, count my blessings all the time With a daily dose of this misery, praying ain’t no saving me Selfish what they say to me cause I want it all […]

Katy Perry – Roulette Lyrics

KATY PERRYRoulette Lyrics I’m uptight Playing by the rules in this game of life 365 days on the grind Something’s stirring, I might need to unwind Then, there’s you Texting me a little bubble of trouble I’ve tried to ignore these thoughts that rumble I think I’m bored of being so careful [Pre-Chorus] Big city […]

Awkwardmarina – Entropy Lyrics

I quite enjoy ruining your day and I just wanna cause a little ENTROPY You tried so hard to make a hero outta me but there are some rules I don’t obey and I just wanna cause a little–chaos and ENTROPY You tried so hard to take the discord outta me but there are some […]

Vampiria – The Prossession Lyrics

Now we are walking in procession, like fallen angels, to lake of fire To hell with us! Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, Promised land is now on flames Can you hear the lament that carry the wind? VAMPIRIAThe Prossession Lyrics Noise in the heaven, tumble the earth, prophetics sounds comes with the wind […]

Cypress Hill – Stoned Raiders Lyrics

CYPRESS HILLStoned Raiders Lyrics 1 for trouble, 8 for the road 7 to get ready when I’m lettin’ off all my load Funk, Buddha monk, in the trunk I got’cha, thumpin’ so hard Up and down the boulevard I’m a natural born cap peela’, strapped illa I’m the west coast settin’ it on, no one’s […]

Sirenen – Casper songtexte

Hast du schwache Nerven? (aha) Drei kurz, drei lang, drei kurz Ja, so geht der Puls der Stadt Hier der Soundtrack zum Untergang Also tanz auf dem Pulverfass! (aha) Drei kurz, drei lang, drei kurz Ja, so geht der Puls der Stadt Hier der Soundtrack zum Untergang Also tanz auf dem Pulverfasss! Sehnst du dich […]

Hooters – Dancing On The Edge Lyrics

HOOTERSDancing On The Edge Lyrics I’m dancing out on the edge I’m dancing out on the edge Out on the edge She slides like a shadow and she fits anywhere She falls like an angel down Where there are no saints at all There are no saints at all I can’t touch her, I can’t […]

Noah Cyrus – I’m Stuck Lyrics

NOAH CYRUSI’m Stuck Lyrics Uh huh… Uh huh… I’ve been a wild dog in this here part of town No gun-slinging, no fool can bring me down Now I’ve finally met my match and he’s the baddest boy around And I’ll say it loud and proud I’m stuck, I’m stuck That boy he messed me […]

Che’nelle – It’s Happening Again Lyrics

CHE’NELLEIt’s Happening Again Lyrics [Verse] Feel the beating of my heart I’m breathing heavy in the dark And something’s wrong ‘Cause we belong I’ve seen it coming from the start [Pre-Chorus] And baby I feel like you don’t know what you did to me My heart was incomplete You were the piece that was gone […]

Cranberries – Forever Yellow Skies Lyrics

[X4] Responsible. See you again, I see you again. Outside my door (outside my door) I see you no more (see you no more.) In my dreams. Forever, forever I’ll be, forever holding you. [X4] Black and white, it’s become so black and white. CRANBERRIESForever Yellow Skies Lyrics Yellow skies, I can see with yellow […]


Like I love you love you Do he fuck you fuck you? Like I fuck you fuck you I, y’alls heard the news You got a hard time tryna choose –Verse 1: Prospectt– I make music for these baddies and the paper trappers All my niggas eating good you should see the platters Got a […]

SamTheBozz – Bad Day lyrics

[Intro] Getting up and getting ready for school Listen to hard Hip-Hop that shit cool So good thats a song I can sing I love now all of this music thing [Refrain] Just another Bad Day Just another Bad Day Just another Bad Day Its just another Bad Day Just another Bad Day Just another […]

Big Mammoth – Money lyrics

You’re not alive, but you make people sell their soul to you You’re not alive, but people fighting, trying to get you You’re not a god, but you help people make their wish come true You’re not a god, but people seems to raise their hope to you You can’t feeling love But you make […]

Murmansk – Moth lyrics

[Pre-chorus] How could you Put your weight on me And still come to Be this dear? You might as well Come lay your babies In my ear. [Verse 1] The more you’re humming The more drift Into hidden places. [Outro] How could you Come to be this dear. [Chorus] You sit on my hair. And […]