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Jada Kingdom Gives Spice Her Flowers: “Thanks My Mentor”

The imitation of styles, whether it be through fashion, method of recording, or stage performances without proper acknowledgment of the originator, has long been a major cause of issues among members of the industry. Over the last three years, Jada Kingdom has successfully managed to become a dominant force in the music business. This has […]

Tambaland Trends After Fans Found Out His Iconic Beats Were Samples

(@MrBenjaminB) January 18, 2021 This Timbaland situation and the reactions to it is making me pray that y’all don’t discover any other hip hop producer. Just wait until you type in your favorite song on whosampled???? (@thoughtfulbae) January 18, 2021 It’s amazing how people still don’t understand sampling and calling Timbaland a “thief”. Not discrediting […]

Beth Hart – Face Forward Lyrics

Are you a liar Or are you a thief Are you a dog Cause I am the leash Are you a son Or are you a bitch I am your God The scratch you can’t itch Face forward son Face forward son You are your gun I’ll beat you down Your back I will break […]

Pulp – I Love Life Lyrics

So tonight prepare to kiss goodbye to my lovelife. It’s mine, all mine – as long as I don’t forget to breathe. I love my life. Don’t think twice; it’s the only reason I’m alive. I lost my keys when I stayed at your place. Or is it why – why you keep nodding out […]

Travis Scott Clowned Over Potential Verzuz With Future

Since there has not been any formal confirmation of that battle, there could still be time to give the fans what they want. So far, we have seen the likes of Rick Ross vs. — My Mixtapez (@mymixtapez) January 19, 2021 Twitter Facebook E40, Patti LaBelle vs. Travis Scott: M&M's, sweet like candy cane, […]

Michael Franti – East To The West Lyrics

To the east to the west To the north and south To the east to the west One love people never gonna stop To the east to the west To the north and south To the east to the west One love people never gonna stop One to [Incomprehensible], one to sun One to the […]

Shiner – Cake Lyrics

i can’t hear my phone,and i’m sure he’s been trying to call. that’s the novelty of this debate. feed the images of his two sons, but my skins thin and underdone. i will never expect them to have fixed the landing pad. here’s a boy who can’t get them to call. i will never expect […]

Carmen Miranda – Touradas Em Madrid Lyrics

Pararatibum bum bum(4X) Eu fui as touradas em Madrid Bum para tim bum E quase não volto mais aqui Pra ver Peri beijar Ceci Eu conheci uma espanhola Natural da catalunha Queria que eu tocasse castanhola Que pegasse touro a unha Caramba, caracolis Sou do samba Não me amoles Pro Brasil eu vou fugir Que […]

People Get Ready – Windy Cindy Lyrics

Cindy, oh, Cindy, I’ve had it all this… It wasn’t so hard, I lost regardless. I suppose I’d like that A beer that gets and realize you each town for your garden But pour, pour them a round, girl, In the garden where everything’s over your shoulder. Lie when you pour a drink on, Calling […]

Seven System – Truth Lyrics

We search for truth all life long Day after day the same old song We search for truth In brand new places Reality stares In our faces Chorus: I’ve found the truth for me I live in my reality Even if it don’t suit you I’ve found my truth We find the truth but turn […]