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Chris Brown’s Birthday Bash Shut Down By LAPD

The cops involved did report that guests were very cooperative when leaving the party. After speaking with Chris Brown’s onsite security team, the police asked that the music be turned down and partygoers asked to leave. Police cars reportedly helped direct traffic and multiple helicopters recorded the situation from above. The superstar singer celebrated his […]

Teamarrr – Specific Lyrics (feat. Duckwrth)

[Intro] Bone Collector the plug [Verse 1: TeaMarrr] Can I give it to you like a little bit rough? If you smoking on me, then boy, hog it, just puff, puff Are you lying on me when you say you eat ass? (Hmm) Don’t you dare get me lifted, the front and back, back [Bridge: […]

Enhypen – Mixed Up Lyrics

[엔하이픈 “별안간” 가사] [Verse 1: Sunghoon, NI-KI] 날 가만 못 두지 막 시끄럽게 울린 알림음 고요하길 바란 세상이 All day long, all day long 요동쳐 다시 (요동쳐 다시) [Refrain: Sunoo, Jake] 자극적인 가십 주인공이 돼 난 I don’t understand, don’t understand 뜨거워 불붙은 디엠 지겨워 이런 유명세 잊어줘 조용하게 (Oh) [Pre-Chorus: Jay, Heeseung] 근데 이게 […]

Caparezza – Come Pripyat Lyrics

[Testo di "Come Pripyat"] [Strofa 1] Questa città non è più mia, ha un cuore cyber Vedo più mutazioni di un disegnatore   Marvel Temo   il contagio, nella   mano ho un contatore geiger Trattengo il   fiato, tiratore, sniper Prendi il rap, cambia forma e non lo prendi mai (Mai) Potere all'alta moda […]


3M turning out I’m released number one Can’t believe I’ve started making music only for some fun Six digits in my phone, new releases going dumb You want some diamonds dancing, I want my diamonds to jump Jump jump jump jump jump From my neck to my watch Throw a couple Gs in these hoes, […]

Dalida – Lazzarelle Lyrics

Tu peux dès qu’on t’observe jouer les vamps sur le vieux port, chipper le rouge à lèvres de ta mère quand tu sors, bomber si l’on s’arrête ton petit chandail de laine: tu n’es pas encore prête d’égaler Sophia Loren. Et sur les magazines ton petit air effronté Depuis ce jour voisine avec bien des […]

Edward Sanda – Ce le place fetelor

Fa-ma sa-mi dau seama ce vreau Poti fi ce vreau sau poti fi propriul meu Gentleman, Am vise si un plan Nu arunc timpul meu pe geam Doar pentru o partida. Ce le place fetelor Nici ele nu stiu ce vor Cand te-astepti sa fie easy Ele trec pe modul busy Ce le place fetelor […]

Skynd – Michelle Carter Lyrics

[Post-Chorus] I love you, now die I love you, now die I love you, now die I love you, now die [Verse 3] You’re gonna have to prove me wrong Okay, I’ll do it today, I promise you babe Do it now, you can’t think about it I just don’t know, how to leave them […]

Baby Keem – Durag Activity Lyrics

(feat. (Ooh) But this Bugatti cost me three, I ten-to-two it (Ooh, yeah) Ooh, Jacques, you a asshole, yeah (Oh) If it’s beef, it’s pedigree, my dawgs gon’ chew it (Yeah, chew) Takin’ blues right after blues is how she blew it (Yeah, ah) Ate the whole bag ‘fore it got to me, she runnin’ […]

Dale Watson – Holes In The Wall Lyrics

[Intro] Mmm-mmm, mmm-mmm [Verse] They serve me the papers for this morning So I guess you've had the final say Now I can't say it caught me without warning Even still, it took my breath away I acted like a man and said I'm glad it's over That's not the way I really feel at […]

Corporation 187 – Perfection In Pain Lyrics

The deeper we go The more dedicated you get It hurts me more than it hurts you, right? [Music: Knutsson/Eng/Pettersson Lyrics: Carlsson] Perfection in pain, a sensual violation I may be cheap but I do it right, of course I’m your chilinut whore, coming back for more [ref.] She said please please please, I’ll be […]

Art Tatum – Body And Soul Lyrics

Cause all of me wants all of you Do I stand alone at the shore Now once I could turn away From everything I feel today But now I wanna walk through your door But I’ve got to know, oh, body and soul That you’ve got no doubt, inside and out We are whole, ho, […]

Hey You Soul – Enyahlah Lyrics

Kini kita sudah tak sejalan.. Kau tinggal kan aku di dalam resah.. Becouse no I Know How are You… Go Hell… Go Hell aja deh loo… Bawa saja semua, kebohongan mu.. Pergilah menjauh.. Without you in my side.. Kau sadari saja memilih jalan mu.. jauh.. Sudah sudah kau enyah saja Dari kehidupan ku.. Kusudah Muak […]

Hey You Soul – You Me Us ! Lyrics

When you laugh and when you dance We can all be together in a laughter…. a laughter Breathe of the wind carres me as you dance You…me…us! In a differences and let those fly… You…Me…Us….! When the stars come giving your smille The sky has full of the moon Mark the beginning of the night […]

Bebe Rexha – Trust Fall Lyrics

[Chorus] Oh, I wanna trust, then I wanna fall Tell me that you'll catch me when I trust fall And I want it all, ah Tell me not to worry when I'm Blindfolded, lights broken Love it when I'm out of my mind Oh, I wanna trust, then I wanna fall, ah Are you gonna […]

Holyoak – Sit Tight Lyrics

Basically I waited for you You sent by neither a plan or car Basically I waited for you But you don’t care Out of my mind inside The sun the moon the tides Reading what I can to get something from you Out of my mind inside Basically I waited for you You sent by […]