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Monkey Majik – Headlight Lyrics

そうか・・・失せる sorry No luck   途中で   empty 今も   never thought you'd bring me down More wine   誰の真似 So wise   ここに立って これからどうなる   change my life It's never gonna bring me down No, never gonna bring me down 昇って沈む日が笑っていた (Hey, hey, no) It's never gonna bring me down No, never gonna bring […]

Vicentico – Basta De Todo Lyrics

[Letra de "Basta de Todo"] [Verso 1] Hoy voy a esperar que se hagan las 2 Para soltar todo lo que soy No quiero   más,   hoy voy a   cambiar Tengo que dejar el miedo atrás Tengo   que despertar, despertar [Coro] Basta de todo No escuchemos nada más Basta de todo Cruzando […]

Rick Ross – Gotti Family Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Rick Ross] It’s family (fusiness) Strictly Yayo Fuckin’ moolies Yo Gotti I, I got work I, I got work I got work I got work Oh so much work baby I, I got work I got work I got work Oh so much work baby [Verse 1: Yo Gotti] I’m a […]

Louis Tomlinson – LARRY AIN’T REAL Lyrics

Play this song Bitch bitch bitches Yeah yeah yeah Larry ain’t real Yeah yeah This shit ain’t real I ain’t fucking Harry (I ain’t fucking Harry oooooh) Harry ain’t fucking me (ooooh) Larry ain’t real, bitches Larry ain’t real Yeah yeah yeah This shit ain’t real I like lads (laaaadssss) but I ain’t like Harry […]

Zeke – Maybe Someday Lyrics

and i don't know jack shit about art. so i tend to do way to much dope. My hair fell out in great big heaps. and i got this real f*cked up phone job, so it's your house next that i gonna rob. but for now i just keep blowin' of today. and i can't […]

Suran – The Door Lyrics (feat. CAR, THE GARDEN)

Sunshine 널 찾아 떠나볼까 오 내가 아닌 내가 또 내가 되어 사라져 너를 만나면 이 문 뒤에서 또 웃게 될까 나 어디로 가든 There is my garden 그리울 거야 baby 넌 돌아보면 crazy 시간들 사다리 타기야 마치 yeah 설렘 한숨 기대 아쉬움이 닿은 모든 곳 You've been looking for You've been looking for u, sunshine […]

10 Years – Silent Night Lyrics

[Verse 1] Silent night, holy night All is calm, all is bright 'Round yon Virgin, Mother and Child Holy Infant so tender and mild Sleep in heavenly peace Sleep in heavenly peace [Verse 2] Silent night, holy night Shepherds quake at the sight Glories stream from Heaven afar Heavenly hosts sing hallelujah Christ the Savior […]

Horrorshow – Before The Dawn Lyrics

Why I’m feeling this low? Why can’t I let go? What I’m doing this for? Why I’m living this lie? I got nowhere to hide, I can’t take it no more, am I losing my mind? What I’m doing this for? Or are they the same as me? Thinking as dark as the cloud that […]

Zeke – Holley 750 Lyrics

high performance, racin’ cam right before my eyes. bolt the carburetor to the intake manifold. You know that holley 4-jet power is my one and only goal. open up the throttle, let the gas air mixture flow. 750 cfm is gold. holley 750, man. i got the rockin’ intake system, got the galaxie that flies. […]

Zli Toni – Folk Zvezda Lyrics

[Tekst pesme “Folk Zvezda” ft. Coby] [Refren: Zli Toni, Coby] Svakog dana tarapana – Seve S nama je ta slatka mala JK Rolamo tu Maju Marijanu U Kareri slušam Daru Bubamaru Hoću folk zvezdu, hoću folk zvezdu Imao sam san da sam jebô folk zvezdu Folk zvezdu hoću, folk zvezdu Imao sam san da sam […]

Victoria Wood – Return To Oz Lyrics

Calling, Calling Voices are calling you again Dorothy will you dare to follow Dorothy will you be the grownup’s warning Falling, falling (Dorothy) You’re falling in magic ways again Dorothy can you bring the morning to the land where evil’s night is dawning Return to Oz You’re a light in their dark skies So return […]

Stylo G Rebuked Male Fan Who Jumped On Stage & Gift Kids

Ask @mavadogully,” he said. As if anticipating the fan’s next moves, Stylo G quickly removes his dark shades and hops off the stage as he escapes the fan, who arrives with his arms outstretched, no doubt about to smother the artiste. In sharing, the UK-based artiste said he “did affi look good if a man […]

Vergelmer – Blackened Rebirth Lyrics

Once, when my mind was open My eyes were clouded like a fool’s The grief often pierced my mind And i wept Autumn passed and the old trees Lost their leaves to nakedness Stark, black trees look evil in the cold, beautiful winter Blackened rebirth no more grief The helpless with their tiny limbs Flee […]

Horrorshow – Complicated Lyrics (feat. Stevie Jean)

When it could all be so simple Baby, I’ve seen you naked Nothing could come between me and you We make it so complicated Knowing it could be so simple Baby, I’ve seen You naked [Outro: Stevie Jean] Said, “Nothing could come between me and you” You said, “Nothing could come between me and you” […]

Mark Lind – Hello My Brother Lyrics

Neither one can appreciate my soul You can understand, you say. It’s worth the empty feeling I suppose Hello there, my brother. It’s worth the empty feeling I suppose I can still see the pain that’s in your eyes. It’s worth the empty feeling I suppose Hello my brother. I gave it to the world. […]

Monkey Majik – Golden Road Lyrics

時計の針をぼーっと見つめ かかとで時を刻みながら 昨日の今頃に戻れたなら 魔法の杖でもないかな 笑われたって   遠回りしたって 正直に、ただ馬鹿正直に ケセラセラ   今日よりは良いことあるさ 清く正しく美しく もういちど道なき道を かき分けて歩いていこう 染まる夕陽が眩しいほど 僕はなんどもなんども歩いた道を ひかり   つよく   輝くだろう I found a way to help me get back home I found a way I’m on my golden road 揺れる草木をぼーっと見つめ 身を切るような風通り抜けた 明日の今頃…何しているかな? 魔法の杖なんていらない 怒られたって   近道しないで 正直に、ただ馬鹿正直に ケセラセラ   今日よりは良いことあるさ 清く正しく美しく だからこそ道なき道を 踏みしめて歩いていこう 染まる夕陽が眩しいほど […]