Caspar McCloud Releases First Acoustic Worship Album ‘Pictures of Jesus’

Ludwig van Beethoven was once quoted as saying ‘The guitar is a miniature orchestra in itself.’ "Playing without my band meant singing my songs playing my acoustic guitar whilst exploring new realms of possibilities without other musicians.
Pictures of Jesus — Acoustic Worship provides the listener with the first opportunity to hear the simple, refined nature of his talent without the amplifiers and larger-than-life band elements of past releases. This is a rare glimpse into genius in its most exposed, direct, and masterfully polished form.
Caspar’s recording career goes back to earlier days as a signed Atlantic Records recording artist, through many years of album releases in his name and with his band Ministry of Three.
"The past several years I have been asked to speak and play at a number of conferences, events and churches…" Caspar shares.

"My long-time friend and fellow artist, musician, erudite theologian, and software inventor Michael Angel took on the task of producing my first all acoustic album which shall be released in a few days’ time."
Contact: Jacqueline Gibb, 813-999-6079,
Pictures of Jesus – Acoustic Worship is available through all major online distributors and will release via CD shortly after launch. It can be purchased for immediate download at:
ATLANTA, Aug. 9, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — Caspar McCloud, virtuoso guitarist and vocalist, has just released his first acoustic album, unveiling to the world what close friends, church members, and conference attendees have previously only been able to enjoy in person.
"Over the last few years numerous people, including my good friend Trey Smith (God in A Nutshell) have greatly encouraged me by asking when will there be a recording of these acoustic songs you have played for us?
Caspar’s album, titled Pictures of Jesus — Acoustic Worship, features 14 originals, with heartfelt, thoughtfully rendered lyrics and acoustic guitar. The album tastefully features numerous shining examples of Caspar’s unmatched guitar solo abilities woven throughout every track; the care, attention, and composition all prevail as a display of musicianship that comes only from a seasoned professional. The vocals show the strength, maturity and gentle power of his emotions from song to song.