Cancerslug – Unholy Light Lyrics

In the darkest pit of hell, I can see your light
It’s burnin’ from the pain you feel inside
Tears of blood are flowin’ from your eyes
Cause sometimes death seems easier than living
The world only seems dark
Cause it’s eclipsed
Under a goddess like you
Even demons get a little sentimental sometimes
I know the loneliness you’re feelin’ cause it’s so much like mine
The sun is finally settin’ on the angel you are
The night time is the home for every star
The world only seems dark
Cause it’s eclipsed under
A goddess like you
So what are you gonna do
You shine on
Unholy light
Unholy light
Spread your wings and show
The world how you fly
With unholy light
Unholy light
Unholy light
Satan blessed you with the gift of his fire
So shine your unholy light