Cancerslug – Still Soulless Lyrics

She beast of pagan lust
Awaits the blood to covet us
I know she is not afraid
To slice my flesh and bind the trust
She’s staring into me
As night surrounds this passion flame
She is seeing through me rage
Into my deepest darkest pain
This kiss last forever
Endless tortured pleasure
Warmth dripping over me
The firelight upon our skin
The primal heart, it pounds
She screams and pulls me deeper in
To a place so moist and warm
A place we don’t feel so alone
The world dissolves away
As two blackened hearts have become one
This kiss last forever
Endless tortured pleasure
At night she calls to me
Through the moans and growls and stench of sweat
My own apocalypse
Resting my head upon her breast
She is all I know that’s real
The juice of love now crusted thick
I feel the end that comes
Just like the f*ckside of my dick
There is nothing left for us to feel
But I won’t surrender
Nothing left for them to steal
All that we have is our own uselessness
And all that we are soulless