British Rapper Lady Leshurr Says Label Offered Her Deal To Diss Nicki Minaj

British rapper Lady Leshurr has revealed she was offered £250,000 to do a “diss track” about female rapper Nicki Minaj. Female rapper Lady Leshurr says her label once offered her a lucrative deal to diss Nicki Minaj. Just recently, Cardi B told Mariah Carey she feels it’s harder for women in the music industry as they are constantly being “pitted against one another.”
Leshurr is currently featured on Dancing On Ice with skater Brendyn Hatfield. Leshurr said at the time she had “never seen money like that.” Claiming she had never spoken with Minaj but has only seen her rise and considered her to be “amazing. ”
This is not the first time a female rapper has claimed they were being pressured to do a “diss track” or do something that would start a rivalry with another female artiste. Do you agree with the choice she made? Ten years to come? What is it gonna look like in five years to come? She said,” she could not be the person “to pull another female down.”
According to Leshurr, she cried when she was offered the deal to insult Minaj. This shocking revelation came out during an interview on the Thanks A Million podcast hosted by Angela Scanlon. According to the rapper, Atlantic Records kept pushing her to do the track, but she refused. She said, “all I’d thought about was buying my mum a house and that would’ve been the right amount of money.”
For her, she said it’s about integrity: “Don’t just take things because it looks good right now. Twitter