‘Bread from Heaven/Pan del Cielo,’ the New Generation Sings to Christ in the Eucharist

In addition to being a host and music ministry leader, her albums and collaborations confirm Kairy as one of the most popular Hispanic Catholic artists in the United States. Colombian Iván Díaz is a musician, teacher and presenter in the U.S. V Encuentro de Pastoral Hispana, respectively. Kairy also highlights the message of the song that brings us closer to the Eucharist: "This beautiful song honors the Eucharist and will surely attract many from the Church," says Kairy.These young composers’ single launches in the midst of the challenges of the pandemic and the disconnection of many Catholics from the Eucharist, as Iván points out: "At the beginning of the pandemic, I had a lot of anxiety and uncertainty; I began to pray and in a time of biblical reflection, the words of Christ in the Gospel of Saint John 5:56 reminded me that in his Body and Blood, I find fullness." Born in the Dominican Republic, Kairy Marquez has developed an extensive musical career in the United States. OCP publications are used in Catholic churches in the U.S. Iván Díaz and Kairy Marquez together in a beautiful bilingual Eucharistic songNEWS PROVIDED BYOCPJune 4, 2021 PORTLAND, Ore., June 4, 2021 /Christian Newswire/ — Oregon Catholic Press launches "Bread from Heaven/Pan del Cielo," featuring Kairy Marquez and Iván Díaz. "The purpose of this Eucharistic hymn is to go beyond the limits of the Mass and the church, to reach Catholics who speak English, Spanish or both, and offer them comfort in these difficult times, hope for all the humble…love and grace in the midst of despair…consolation for those who suffer…incomparable love," says Ivan. About OCP Oregon Catholic Press is a non-profit publisher of liturgical music and worship materials based in Portland, Oregon and has been in business for more than 90 years. and distributed throughout the world.SOURCE OCPCONTACT: Giovanna Orive, giovannao@ocp.org  


Tweet Enjoy the bilingual video for "Pan del Cielo/Bread from Heaven" on YouTube or stream it from your favorite platforms. The single is now on digital platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube and Deezer. Bringing together two of the most talented Hispanic Catholic artists of recent years, the song combines Iván’s creative musical prowess and Kairy’s beautiful voice with moving text and melody. His compositions and talent are present in his "Aqui Estoy/Here I Am" and "Nuestra Alegría/Our Joy," the official themes of the World Youth Day Panama (2019) and the U.S.