Bounty Killer Bury Beef With Mavado, Publicly Support Vado Amid Mother’s Death

In a recent post, he recounted his commitments to a more promising future for his mother and just how he delivered on that promise for the lady he calls his best friend. Bounty Killer showed tremendous support to his one-time rival Beenie Man when his mom passed last year. His frequent mention of her in his music and during interviews has cemented her name among members of the dancehall fraternity. Cassava Piece native Elizabeth’ Ms. Similarly, Mavado has made mention of his mom in numerous songs such as 2017’s “Mama” and an earlier hit, Serani’s “Mama Still Hungry,” on which he was featured. However, their relationship has never been the same. It is reported that the two have engaged in cordial conversations over the years. The likes of producer Romario English, Ishawna, Lila Ike’, Baby Cham, Agent Sasco, and many others have also offered kind words to Gully Gad during his time of grief. Mavado kept Killer at bay for not showing any sympathy upon hearing about the passing of his friend. I know the void and emptiness cause by the loss of a mom it’s a very sad street that we all have to trod one day prayers goes out stay strong.”

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As the cliche goes, Mavado and Bounty Killer were once as thick as thieves. While the relationship between Killer and Vado remains a strained one, the Warlord shared his condolences to his former protege. An image of Mavado alongside his mom was posted by Killer along with the following caption:
“Jah know star I just want to send my deepest sympathy and condolences to @mavadogully and his family on the passing of his mom despite our situation. Several entertainers have been mourning the loss of their moms in recent years. Bounty Killer bury his beef with one of his students, Mavado. Pinny’ Gordon passed away suddenly at a Kingston hospital. That all changed in 2011 when gunshots rang out outside of the then-popular Kingston nightclub, QUAD. Gully frontrunners Chase Cross and Flexxx fired shots at Alliance. The gunfire took place as Mavado was entering the nightclub to party with Killer at his annual birth-night bash. Mavado has also received additional support below his two recent posts. At that exact moment, the battle lines were drawn, as Bounty blamed his musical son for causing the major disruptions at his event. However, Miss Ivy’s death remains fresh in the minds of Bounty. As with other members who left the Alliance, a musical war was soon on its way. Beenie Man, Shenseea, and Shabba Ranks are just a few of the names who have had to live through the gut-wrenching pain of losing one of the most important women in their lives. The “Dying” deejay took to Instagram over the weekend to express his love and admiration for his mom. The Warlord returned fire with “Death Work,” which took aim at Vado’s Alliance with We The Best Music, ran by Miami-based Dj Kahled. Dancehall entertainer Mavado has been getting major support from members of the dancehall fraternity, including rival Bounty Killer, amidst the recent death of his mom. The shooting incident, which involved security and Mavado’s entourage, claimed the life of Mavado’s close friend Conroy Edwards. Bounty Killer’s heartfelt caption was given the green light by a number of persons in the industry, such as Dovey Magnum, Jesse Royal, and Beenie Man. Dancehall icon Bounty Killer may have lost his mom nearly a decade ago.