Bounty Killer Brought Out Aidonia and Masicka On Same Stage

“We have to do that as a leader and then I am affiliated with them I don’t know these youths personally,” Bounty Killer said. Masicka joined The 5 Star general to perform their smash hit “Top Rank” and then The General called up Aidonia to perform “From Them Diss.” Bother Donia and Masicka weren’t present on the stage at the same time, but Killer noted that he wants them to make peace. “I told them to sing against each other but don’t fling or sling,” he added. Bounty Killer is perhaps the only dancehall star that can let Aidonia and Masicka make peace. “They all came under my wing, Aidonia use to be under my wing and he still looks for guidance from me if he needs it and Masicka now seems to be under my guidance, not under my wing, but I am affiliated with him and we are performing together so I have to end up being a guide.”
Bounty Killer also added that he personally spoke to them about their beef. Although the two warring dancehall hitters are yet to make piece, they both performed on the same stage with dancehall legend Bounty Killer.