Boris – Do You Love Me Lyrics

BORISDo You Love Me Lyrics
I know it’s hard to say goodbye
But we all gotta go trough it in life
Oh yes that’s what they said
To me, all the time
But I remember my first and grafile love
Breaking up felt like the end of the world to me
I had a bleeding heart & teary eyes
Just like I feel right now
‘Cause you and I are having a breakdown
But I don’t wanna go trough all off this again
Could we please just talk it over
‘Cause now I’m wondering
Do you love me
When I’m gone
Do you still love me baby
When I’m gone away for a long time
Do you love me
When I’m gone
But do you still love me baby
When I’m gone away for a long time
Quietly I’m praying hoping you’ll come back to me
So I could have you close again
‘Cause I can’t take this no more
To live without you
Feels like dying
What i’m trying to say is
That I’m scared off waiting
For such a long time
And I’ll be right her
For you my dear
‘Cause I love you
Like I always did
So could we please talk it over baby
‘Cause now i’m still wondering, oh
From what I know
From what I’ve seen
But what I feel right now
I think we’re getting closer
To the end
But darling could you give me
one more chance
So we can make it work again
And I’ll be
I’ll be waiting..for you
‘Cause you belong to me
But I wanna know
Uhhhhh baby
Do you love me when I’m gone
I wanna know
Yeah….huhhhuuyeahh you baby