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Contact: Kelli Bolton, 614-599-0197COLUMBUS, Ohio, April 7, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — There are many opinions about what the "church" is and isn’t these days, leaving it to be made a mockery of. Josephine Jacobs finds herself facing her family after many years of separation just as Joseph did, will she be able to forgive them and love like Joseph did?"He That Findeth"- Karen Shepard was beginning to think she was "man repellant" because the prospects of her being "found" were starting to look dim and the fact that she was friends with three other women that had a different view of "finding a man" made it seem hopeless. Will they be able to work together in the present to aid in a desperate situation?"Remember Josephine"- A modern day adaptation of the story of Joseph. Will there ever be one that will "findeth" her.Kelli also shares her experience as a mother to an adventurous little boy named Kameron in the book "Kameron Khronicles."

Tweet Author Kelli Bolton has a desire to see that change by addressing the "stereotypical" behavior that has caused people to take God and the church less serious. "Past & Present"-A story about two pastors in one city with an unresolved issue from the past. With the success of her 2015 film adaptation of her novel "Church Gossip" Kelli’s back with more books to get the reader to see themselves through the eyes of those that question "is that how Christian’s really act?" Her books include issues such as; unforgiveness, rejection, pride, jealousy, envy, betrayal, morality and singleness.