Bluebucksclan – Last Minute Lyrics (feat. Lil Yachty)

[Intro: DJ]
D12, y'all chose to go fast in it
Turn it up, bet I got somethin' bad in it
[Verse 1: DJ & Lil Yachty]
Prada store, I go crazy like I'm mad in it
I could have a lot of bitches pull up at the last minute
Hangin' with them lame ass niggas, I can't bear with it
I stole four grams in my wood, I don't tear shit
Top of the mountain, big cappin', feel the air hit
Walk up in the bubble, half a million worth of bear bricks
Everywhere I go, bitches askin' who I'm there with
What you mean who I'm with? Moseby
Made another Oakland, nigga, I don't even wear Oakleys
Ridin' 'round with a ski mask like my name Stokeley
Niggas tryna get in the gang, but you can't cost me
Ridin' 'round on some bad grades like I didn't study
Gotta die alone with regardless, I don't need buddies
Niggas used to call me Pig, coat was too muddy
[Verse 3: Jeeezy]
Closin' curtains in the double R, it got too sunny
Let these lil' niggas know what's up like I'm Bugs Bunny
'Lotta blues, and I'm still countin', this that blood money
Told her if she love me, gotta suck it 'til her nose runny
Dropped too many lines in this cup, damn, I'm so clumsy
Said them VVS's, but I doubt it, why they so fuzzy? Bitch, you too nosey
[Verse 2: Lil Yachty]
Runnin' 'round the lobby like my brother, first name Cody
f*ck it, runnin' 'round the lobby like Mr. Twelve-hundred dollars on my feet, got my toes bloody
I been out cheatin' all day, hey, I'm home, honey
[Verse 4: DJ]
Yeah, she kinda bad, but I told her, "Its' the throat for me."
NIA with Yachty, yeah, I told him, "Bring a boat for me"
Got a lot of gas, make a bad bitch roll for me
Thirty-two hundred on a jacket, it got cold for me
[Verse 5: Lil Yachty]
Real stepper, I got corns on my top
After tryin' to be faithful, I got bored with these ho's
I ain't gotta break the deal with these ho's
I won't let her spend a night, how you live with that ho? I ain't gotta shut the deal to these ho's
[?] she came in
Everybody love me, they love me like Ramond
Talked like a Shaman
Cartier, it's not a Ray-Ban's, bitch
[Verse 6: Jeeezy]
Claimin' that they real, but they whole body fake (It's Fake)
Walk up to the thickest bitches, let me be your pradabae (Your pradabae)
You can f*ck, you can suck, I can't take you on no date (Take you on no date)
All my bitches mad about my other ho's, I need a break (I need a break)
Mike Amiri on my jeans, for my shirt, I went Bape (I went Bape)
Niggas clout chasin' pillow talk to ho's, that shit gay (That shit gay)
YSL, they gon' 'em walk through the back, better not play (Better not play)
I'm a product, they keep yellin', "Welcome back!" Like I'm mace (Like I'm mace)
[Outro: Lil Yachty]
Us, bitch