Blind Willie Mctell – It’s A Good Little Thing Lyrics

BLIND WILLIE MCTELLIt’s A Good Little Thing Lyrics
Look a‑here mama : just a word or two
Said I get you : to let’s go loo loo
Look here mama : just don’t stop
I ain’t going to be : your other man’s stumbling block
Wait just a minute : let’s get this right
We’re going go a‑looing : till broad daylight
Going to Savannah : make some jack
Hold that cat : till I get back
What is that mama : you got in that sack
It’s got hair on it : and I believe it’s a cat
Well it looks pretty much : like Santy Claus
Best little something : I ever saw
Look here mama : just like a log
She gets kissing : like a shaggy dog