Blackguard – Scarlet To Snow Lyrics

BLACKGUARDScarlet To Snow Lyrics
I am a creature of the night
How are you this eve
This is what i am and what i’ll always be
I will have you know i’ll take you if i please
So if you would just sit down
And i beg you not to scream
On this fairest night i only wish to speak
Shall i describe for you now the monster that you see
Life taker, blood drinker, animal! If only
You could turn my sins scarlet to snow
And finally from my guilt i will be free
The blood lust
Calling me again
You need not fear for your life
It’s the killer, thieves, and the evil ones
They will quench my thirst tonight
Death seems to be my life
If one could call it that
A ravenous cycle that never ends
And a guilt that never dies
To be rid of all
And fade into oblivion
Is it my vanity
Or sincerity
That begs to atone
Whatever it is
Who could forgive
Now i must bring this to a close
With your kind i rarely get a chance to speak
So i’ll leave you now and thank you for a lovely eve
In your heart do you believe what i have said is true
In this savage garden i’ll be back for you Condemned till the end and hell takes me home