Big Mac – Dr. Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Been broke I ain’t ever been a rich kid
So I don’t really think you getting what the f**k this is
Like a dick in the as I’m gonna f**k this shit
I’m bout to shake up the game just to watch it fizz
I ain’t got a prior job but I still run my biz
Yo you call your squad a mob? You just some dumb ass kids
I’m re-configuring my block just like a Rubik’s cube
Bout to f**k the whole world, I just need some lube
Don’t push me
f**kas don’t push me
Don’t push me
f**kas don’t push
[Verse 2]
I ain’t got a lot to lose except my life dude
So I ain’t really afraid to take a life dude
Sipping on this magic potion that I got brewed
I get my fill of eating rappers, I ain’t got food
So it might seem like I’m in a bad mood
Been a while since I was kicked up out the classroom
Lately it’s been the inside of the courtroom
Pretty soon I’ll be in the front of a board room
Dead ass rappers in the street gonna need a tomb
Cause all the fruit of my labor is about to bloom BIG MACDr.