Big Ben – Money Lyrics ft M.anifest

M.anifest, Navio, Modenine

If cash rules everything
Someone tell me one thing…
If cash rules everything around me be money trees
Can I fall in love with cedis dollars and pounds please? Sounds lit the devil up to his old tricks
It’s a new day let’s make a movie, roll clip
You afford me new whips and a gold fish
Love loving you but you poisoning my whole clique
I think it finally clicked
You be reason why the lotto doctor’s still not rich
When I have you I dey rosh, when I don’t I toch
Was it you that came between Bob Marley and Peter Tosh? type in the search box

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Big Ben – Money Lyrics ft M.anifest
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Na who say money no be problem..i want to know
Na who say money no fit solve am..i wan know
Money na blessing ..yeh yeh
Money na curse
You for learn the lesson
Or you go fail the course X2
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Money money is a challenge
Money ijo aye
It can bring you down or elevate .Money ijo aye.. Big Ben – Money Lyrics ft M.anifest

The way it goes so fast it’s like the news/
It could change your life the feeling is good uhuh
Too much love is evil run away ye
It could be so simple a price to pay/ yah
Friends to foe..Dark to glow/ harder days / easy life.. Not even Sway’s got the answers
I spray you at weddings, clubs with exotic dancers
You an enchantress for Scorpios and cancers
Me I’m a sucker for you in many encounters
If ugly potbelly men have you and start to look fine
Then I go ignore all your flaws, be forever mine
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OmoThe thing weh e dey do
could be a blessing to you..