Beenie Man, I-Octane, Teejay & More Dancehall Artists Who Lost Weight

Removing foods such as rice while increasing her water intake dramatically helped with her 3-year battle. I-Octane is another entertainer that seems to be living his healthiest life this year. I-Octane weight loss
The Hot Ras is back! Bling’s transformation did not come overnight. However, it was his work with celebrity trainer Patrice White that really helped with shedding those pounds. White has also worked with the likes of Elephant Man and Beenie Man. He said he had lost a total of 90 pounds in four months, moving from a whopping 255 pounds at his heaviest down to 165 pounds. Of course, we can. The relentless teasing motivated the artiste to start on a fitness regime with then partner Krystal Tomlinson. He has also posted images of healthy meals, which we are assuming helped in his transformation. Beenie Man said he lost a total of 15 inches from his waist. The singer, who was noticeably chubby when he broke onto the Dancehall scene, is looking a lot slimmer these days. The result- a year later is that the Doctor is back to his slim physique and looking healthier than he has in years. The deejay was mercilessly teased for his protruding stomach and being out of shape. Among those who entered 2021 noticeably slimmer were Teejay, Beenie Man, I-Octane, and Jada Kingdom. The secret to their success, dieting and exercising regularly. She mentioned that her significant weight loss was the result of three years of consistent fitness training and improving her diet. The Uptop Boss said his complete transformation took just a little under three months. It’s not clear if exercise was a part of his regiment since the deejay has never actually showcased himself in a fitness center. The pandemic years were definitely the years for getting in shape, and many of our favorite Dancehall artists are among those who have been using the downtime from the pandemic to get in shape. A rather unusual one – eating crackers and drinking water. Jada Kingdom has, however, come out and defended her weight loss while denouncing the rumors about her alleged drug use. Teejay weight loss
Romeich Entertainment signee Teejay also took a seat on the fitness train, and by the looks of it, he was definitely riding in one of the more elaborate coaches. Following the show’s airing, Beenie’s “belly” was the talk of social media and even became a trending topic on Twitter. Shocking! According to the singjay, the transformation was motivated by negative comments from fans on his social media pages. Beenie Man weight loss
For Beenie Man, the impetus to lose weight came after his Verzuz battle with Bounty Killer last May. Share this:

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Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) We wouldn’t have any complaints if Bling decided to switch his moniker to Bull Dawg, just saying. Bling Dawg weight loss
While he has not been trending on the musical scene for a while, Bling Dawg is another entertainer who has debuted a dramatic change in his appearance. It seems dancehall entertainers are already reading not just their musical catalogs but also their bodies for a full reopening of some of the world’s biggest stages. Back in October 2020, Teejay revealed that he lost a total of 50 pounds. Giving up eating his favorite comfort foods and improving his diet were major aspects of the process. Beenie Man, I-Octane, and Teejay are among several dancehall artists who used the pandemic time off to lose weight. The singer revealed that she has tried both pescatarian and vegan diets in her quest to slim down. The real question of the day is, can we still refer to her as Mumma Heavy? In March, the singer shared a before and after photo on his Instagram page showing a drastic reduction in his weight. His weight loss regime? The “Puff It” deejay dropped his rather puffy look for a new and improved physique, and fans are loving it. Jada, who has been spending much of her time in America with her hubby, has been showing off her smaller was waist and overall slimmer physique. Deejay’s transformation is definitely spectacular, but a diet of crackers and water may be a little too drastic for others to follow. Jada, who proclaimed herself “Mumma Heavy,” was the subject of several rumors due to what seemed a rather quick weight loss. It could also simply be a way for them to feel better in their own skin while keeping their health in check. Critics of the artiste alleged that severe drug use could be the reason for her new figure. Jada Kingdom weight loss
Jada Kingdom is the next entertainer that has tongues wagging owing to a major transformation in her appearance. The usually heavy-set artiste is now slim, muscular, and looking like a man of steel. Beenie Man began working out regularly and also changed his diet. Bling Dawg, who took a three-year hiatus from the business leading up to last year, worked out for months to achieve his new body.