Been A Minute

Lyrics to ‘Been A Minute’ by Sevyn Streeter:

yrics will be available as soon as the album is released. From snippet:
–Verse 1–
[?] Me
[?] Me
I ain’t thinking ’bout him at all, oh oh
We called it quits
I’ve done my shit
I look back
There’s nothing to be sad for
Oh oh
Just want all those things
When you know it’s so far
Better walk away
No reason to hold on, oh
Boy it’s easy to be off you
I don’t see you
I don’t call you
When you call me, oh damn
Been a minute since you call me, call me, call me, call me
Call me, call me
Been a minute since I got it, got it, got it got it
Got it, got it
Been a minute since my body, body, body, body
Been on your body, body
Been minute since all that, oh yeah, god damn
And I think I might want that back
–Verse 2: August Alsina–
Do you know, do you think
We should try
You and me
Again, or should we just stay friends? fall through
[?] your body all over my body
I’m [?] It’s been a minute since I called you
Say? Stay tuned!