Babytron – Speed Racer Lyrics

But shout-out to the dick suckers, boy, y'all made me
Aye, boy, y'all made me
Aye [?] and they hate me
Now I'm playing D and I don't [?]
Dee got his buffs on yelling take these
Aye, SB, SB
Huh, SB, SB
Aye, ShittyBoyz
Aye, aye, aye, aye
Shit sound like
Aye, aye, ShittyBoyz That's a weird flex
Grown man pockets, I ain't even got a beard yet
Zero flinch in my blood, I don't fear death
This yo tenth summer rapping, how it ain't yo year yet? Sticking to the plan, I'ma blow like a Semtex
Thousand dollar shoes, five figures every ten steps
Half ham, half lame, you a corn burger
Hotter than a stove, ride around with like four burners
Splash like a shark up in Saks, in the store splurging
I don't pimp hoes but I do have some whores working
Huh, Bahama breeze, bitch, I grew up off of EDT
Chances made champs, grew up off a DTC
Huh, the way I ball, should've grew up [?] TNT
ShittyBoyz punch shit like the TMT
ShittyBoyz finna blow like some TNT
I ain't shit like what do she see in me? [Intro]
Getta Beats
Punch God, I could write a Swiper Bible
Punch God, I could write a Swiper Bible
Punch God, I could write a Swiper Bible
Aye, aye, ShittyBoyz
Punch God, I could write a Swiper Bible
Scope turned the AR to a sniper rifle
On a money hunt, ain't got time to fight you
I can flip cash, man, I just lied to Michael
Huh, last opp, he got sent away
Kinda skinny, I don't fight, this ain't MMA
Bitch Triple S tripping like she Ella Mae
[?] dropped the vest, stay with [?] Spencer James
Huh, too turnt, watch the pressure crank
Run it up till I start to hyperventilate
Threw some nuts on this bitch, that's a gender change
My barber use scissors, you can still catch the fade
Huh, skrrt, I'm a Speed Racer
Scratch marks on my neck 'cause I need paper
If he down, lob the oop, I'm a team player
More pape than yo unc', still a teenager
Huh, footwork Dior
Huh, tell opps keep score
Huh, can't beef, he poor
I'ma have her suck dick till her knees sore
Huh, I'ma run this shit up until my feet sore
You could be a motherf*cking Jedi, you ain't seen force
I know it's people out to get me so I keep torch
Reese got a BAPE turban on like he don't pork
Huh, three racks on the drip, peep the Saks life
Five sticks, let 'em blow like a bagpipe
Huh, I think I was a goat in my past life
Pop got a four, got me froze like a lag spike
It's only two more steps once you jam twice
You see the blicky in the 'Miris 'cause the pants tight
Yo last song, man, you know that shit trash, right? Mr. In a mirror like, boy, they ain't sweet as me
ShittyBoyz, ha-ha-ha, the whole team gon' eat
Huh, I don't bang B's, I don't bang C's
Dee got his buffs on yelling take these
The first time I get it, why the f*ck they hate me? Re-Rock, shout-out Betty, she got scammed twice
Stan got me locked in like a prison guard
Throw the BIN on, I'ma be the shit tomorrow
If my dawg see you out, you get ripped apart
Shit comes to light even if you did it in the dark
Huh, bragging 'bout my old bitch? Huh, found my two feet every time I fell down
I'ma throw him in the river if we meet at [?]
Huh, t-shirt with the puppy, I'm a hellhound
I'll scam any human being, bitch, I'm hell bound
I was put on Earth to put in work, put that shit on God
I was skipping church with the work like f*ck a nine-to-five
Put him on a shirt or in a hearse if he play with mine
I used to feel dead, I'm back alive, bitch, I'm Frankenstein
Huh, two scams, same card
Huh, 2020, this a race car
Huh, throw it up, watch the rain start
Unc' in the trap 'round some keys like a spacebar
Huh, you, you, and him, y'all some hoes, boy, y'all ain't hard
Put a bullet in his face card
He hyped up off a [?] I'ma drain charge
Can't forget the past, starting to think that my brain's scarred
Huh, young thousandaire, I just wanna touch an M
I don't f*ck with you, you f*ck with him and I don't f*ck with them
Lemon cherry, boy, you belong on a bunch of stems
Dropped out of college, granny said I was a knucklehead
Huh, if it's up, Bin Reaper, I'ma send death
Hit the first night, how you didn't get the head yet?