Babyland – Five Fingers Lyrics

Drill after drill
But we were never prepared
How can we predict what the difference is? Can I relate despite a primative mistake? What will it take to overcome my human traits? Exercise all the principles
Every volume was read. I want to explore
I put on my space suit
Over my ape suit
And I'm into the unknown
I'm so far away
And nothing has changed
Five fingers on my hand
I can't adapt or understand
Has nature gone and ruined me? The difference is closing your eyes to our cause
We traveled so far to see you
Indifference is killing your chance to explore
What will you uncover? We laid down all of the groundwork
Preparation. Questions of man
Political or chemical
Caught in a land
Where they refuse to teach me
A five fingered criminal
Condemned by digital and physical
Do I command confusion? As you're counting my fingers you're ending it all