Azusa Again on Azusa Street

Seymour’s prophesy of a greater revival spreading all over the world.Sunday morning, April 9 will feature Native American tribal leaders and worship called "Wake up Azusa Street" featuring protocol gift giving to native leaders in honor of the original history of "Azusa" and Comma lee. Sunday service will be under a tent on the foot print of the old Azusa Street Mission and will feature Rabbi Jason Sobel giving the Palm Sunday message to the city. The April 7, 8 & 9 celebration will feature gospel music, international speakers and a private round-table discussion.Azusafest is a gospel music celebration commemorating the Azusa Street Revival. International guests expected from Brazil, Ghana, India, Ukraine, France, Algeria and Congo. Contact info for ASMHS at 323-692-7268 or on the web at Azusafest will be three days of remembering the history and heritage of Pastor William Seymour and his legacy of unity, love and equality. The organization’s mission is to carry the flame of Azusa Street to the next generation throughout the nations of the world.ASMHS founded in 2006 main purpose is to educate the public about the historical significance of the Azusa Street Revival and the global Pentecostal Movement’s impact on society. Anointing service and prophetic release from the Azusa Street Apostolic network (ASAN) and Christian International Apostolic Network (CIAN) which was founded by Apostle Bill Hamon. Each night’s service will feature a night of prophetic release and anointing.Saturday morning April 8 will convene a private round table breakfast discussion session. We will celebrate the 111th year since the Azusa Street Revival. The festival will take place on April 7, 8 & 9 at Japanese American Community Cultural Center, 244 South San Pedro Street downtown Los Angeles, California.The Azusafest 2017 theme is "Unity in the Body of Christ" according to Gal 3:28. Public communion service will be given as a Palm Sunday witness to the community.Fred and Wilma Berry carry on the history of Azusa Street as international representatives through the Azusa Street Mission and Historical Society. 2, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — Thousands will gather for Azusafest celebration on Azusa Street in downtown Los Angeles. Contact: Fred Berry, Azusa Street Mission, 323-692-7268LOS ANGELES, Feb. Apostles, Prophets, Pastoral leaders along with business leaders will dialogue about our movement of Unity. Urban, suburban and international church leaders are invited to help us re-brand the Azusa Street Movement around our central theme "Unity in the body of Christ" according to Gal 3:28. Saturday Night will include a message of Unity from Pastor Bonnie Chavda. There is an expectation of the fulfillment of William J. Confirmed speakers are Pastor Geraldo Denardi from Sao Paulo,Brazil; Pastor Bonnie Chavda from Charlotte, NC and Rabbi Jason Sobel from Los Angeles, California.Azusafest starts Friday, evening on April 7 with an international reception and Gospel music celebration.