Award-Winning Marketing Consultant, Speaker & Author; Velma Trayham, Releases New Book ‘When God Says Go’

We can’t always see where the road leads, but God promises there is something better ahead. She is highly regarded as a professional result driven consultant to Pastors and leaders throughout the US. The experiences shared in this book have helped launch many everyday people and industry leaders toward success. Included are stories from other dynamic women of varying backgrounds: Nicole Stoll, Gwennetta Wright and Nikole Mccoy. She devotes a lot of time helping faith leaders grow their churches, developing marketing strategies and investing in Real- Estate beautifying communities one home at a time. We as people, have to trust Him in the now." The Author goes on to say; "The weight and despair we often carry blinds us of our true promise that God has made."Velma lends herself to a wide range of media messages for features and interviews on business news angles, Christian Faith, Lifestyle makeovers and feature news stories that can be trend-focused with elements of humor and hope.About Velma Trayham:Velma Trayham is the CEO of Thinkzilla PR & Consulting Group, a marketing and branding firm. The impact of the accident provided Velma with increased insight into a miraculous faith equipping experience. The author delivers multiple perspectives on how to survive and thrive in business and forge a path toward success in every area of life while breaking away from the past and stepping into a bright and more fulfilling future.Author Velma Trayham’s personal perspective, is one where readers may turn their storms into faith building experiences that provide access to achieving dreams and goals beyond the norm. Ms. Velma’s life was spared after being involved in a wreck that should have killed her. Velma resides in Atlanta, Georgia, and works across the southern United States.Learn more by visiting:

Tweet Her new book "When God Says Go" is a conquering personal victory story, which provides clarity and consciousness via Velma’s own personal experience colliding with two vehicles; one being a semi-truck. "When God Says Go" is available for Pre- Orders now and Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble and across all National & International Digital retail stores beginning July 20, 2017. The new book will be available at on Kindle, at Barnes & Noble, and across all National & International Digital Retail outlets July 17, 2017Contact: Nancy Davis, 888-509-1145ATLANTA, July 12, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — Velma Trayham is an award winning Christian Marketing Consultant, Real Estate Investor and Speaker. The book expresses implementing unshakeable faith in God. Velma’s incredible car accident was life changing as her vehicle was totaled, entire front end sitting on the ground, while people were screaming "Is She Alive." Velma’s Lexus car was new and the car airbags did not deploy upon impact and she walked away from the accident without a scratch. "When God Says Go" offers life- changing advice for personal, professional and spiritual growth based on concrete experience. Trayham states: "God often uses our deepest pain as a launching pad for our greatest calling.