Authority Zero – Brick In The Wave Lyrics

Where’s the vision I didn’t see? That you’re good for nothing? Remembering why you’re numb
Finding out as you sing your song
Making waves
Just to reach the shore
Making noise
As you move along No you’ve never been part of that whole mess
You’re not like the rest
You know you’ve never been
All along
Pacing restlessly
Where have you gone? For so long
Was it who you were? So picture perfect and squeaky clean
I for one embrace the sting
The fuel for fire you’ve given me
Factoring in the history
You’re stirring the pot so restlessly
Reminded by your actions as lines repeat over
And over again and over my friend
Do you remember acting up and acting out
Not following the herd
Now they see it in your eyes
Your actions speaking first
As you rise with a will to survive
Like a brick in the wave
Tumbled and frayed like a smack in the face
As we follow
Torn at the seams of our lives as we lead
What do we what do we know
At what cost will it take before we’re made hollow
What do they know
At what cost will it take before we’re made hollow
Get out of the way
There you go making too much noise
Better run for cover
Before you make a scene and raise your voice
And disrupt the whole party yeah
Wouldn’t want to raise some eyes
And question every word they said
Did they tell you that you were out of line? Face their every bullshit lie
Turn their heads, and under minds
Now it’s got you wondering
What the f**k is wrong with me? AUTHORITY ZEROBrick In The Wave Lyrics
There you go causing waves again
Did you taken it upon yourself to disrupt their whole scene? What you’d said
And what would become
Is that so wrong?