Liza Minnelli – Cabaret lyrics

I think of Elsie to this very day. Come hear the music play. Come hear the music play. Time for a holiday. Time for a holiday. Come hear the music play. “ And as for me, I made my mind up, back in Chelsea, When I go, I’m going like Elsie. Put down the knitting, […]

All Smiles Lyrics – Sworn In

There’s none Round and round Round and round I’m all smiles Round and round We go Round and round We go I’m all smiles Don’t show them Don’t ever let them see that side of me Just use a prosthetic smile you fucking amputee Round and round Round and round I’m all smiles They say, […]

Puppeteer Lyrics – Sworn In

It’s not manipulation if I let you do it So don’t feel fucking bad because I’m begging you to do it Cause when I get like this I really can’t dismiss I’m lifeless all around and I want to reminisce When I try to set it straight I fold and feel the weight I’m digging […]

Cross My Heart Lyrics – Sworn In

I wish nobody poked these holes At the top of this god damn jar I never knew I never knew That you’re my least favorite part I crossed my heart You say you want it I say you don’t You say you want it but you won’t There’s only needles There’s no more eyes You […]

Out Of My System Lyrics – Youngr

Yeah, I could love you Go get a job and start to save Stay at my mum’s house Look out at the window at the rain Or I could ignore it, but I’d just be fuckin’ with your brain I only get one shot, yeah, I got dreams in my suitcase So I’ll play a […]

Bag Of Bones Lyrics – Zz Ward

Baby, you’re my bourbon honey Baby, you’re my Cherry Coke My mystery man from Montgomery My favorite liquor is strong, yeah I never needed nobody I hear your train on the tracks You snuck right in, caught you, caught it No falling in love, and it’s too late to fall back What should I do […]

2 Am Lyrics – Sir Sly

Hold on, calm down This will all be over any minute now You’re fine, you’re good I’d shrug you off, but I’d believe you if I could I’m just panicking; I feel it in my heart now I’m freaking myself out; I’m keeping my head down I’m just panicking; I’m losing my own sight now […]

Calloused Mouth Lyrics – The Acacia Strain

Never loved, never lost Everybody breaks, everybody falls Move on, stay gone Restrained forever, life in shackles Thrown to the wolves and fed to the jackals The walls to my prison are higher than most We buried their bodies and we live with their ghosts All that lives to dust The ground caves in around […]

The Storm Lyrics – Zz Ward

You walk straight down that gravel road I cried and begged you not to go The wind was tearing through the sycamore trees The clothesline blowing in the breeze There ain’t no way that I could change your mind There ain’t no way, I tried a thousand times Singin’, o Lord, won’t you save me? […]

Vampiria – The Hand Of Death Lyrics

VAMPIRIAThe Hand Of Death Lyrics Lost in a darkest wood, following the same shadow. The life is gone in my tears. I feel again the hand of death, over a thousand broken dreams. The deadly wind sigh in my ears. I feel again the hand of death, over a thousand broken dreams. Lost in a […]

Amyst – Rolling In The Deep Lyrics

AMYSTRolling In The Deep Lyrics There’s a fire starting in my heart Reaching a fever pitch, and it’s bringing me out the dark Finally I can see you crystal clear Go ahead and sell me out and I’ll lay your ship bare See how I’ll leave with every piece of you Don’t underestimate the things […]

Bodyjar – Is It A Lie Lyrics

Living a lifetime is reverse Is it all right? BODYJARIs It A Lie Lyrics You take A simple part of history And then you feed it back to me I’m smart enough to know We try We’re living under plastic skies Reality personified And everyone’s the same Is it a lie? Living a lifetime in […]

Beverley Knight – Hurricane Jane Lyrics

Ready to pump and it’s all good I love me better than anyone could You inspire like you should and I cannot deny [Chorus] Said I rage like a fire, and I flow like the water Ain’t no surprise I was born under Aries sign. This is my body, so I do what I choose […]

Bombshell Rocks – Out Of Order Lyrics

shut, blind It’s out of order There’s nothing but silence Not a voice can be heard Closed down, out of line It’s a mindstate border There’s Nothing but silence We’re all out of words You wanna slow down and you wanna stop Well, I know where it begun I saw the vicious circle Takin’ em […]

Chicane – Locking Down Lyrics

Ohh ah…. Ohh ah…. CHICANELocking Down Lyrics [Chicane – Locking Down] oh mi i-chidan-da muh munh, shu ken geth che de, nuka-i machi nanga-dei, oh mi i-chidan-da muh munh, shu ken geth che de, nuka-i ahchi, how ai tye rhee, meiko mumba di ar ma kei, oh mi i-chidan-da muh munh, shu ken geth che […]

A Game-Changing New Course for the Pro-Life Movement

Session 1: The History of Abortion in AmericaSession 2: Spiritual Consequences of AbortionSession 3: Qualification ConcernsSession 4: Permission-Based Care & ConfidentialitySession 5: The Four Essential Traits of a Life Disciple Session 6: Biblical Values Inspired by Care Net’s groundbreaking Making Life Disciples course, each 15-minute session of Pro-Life 101 features knowledge learned from Care Net’s […]

Dean Caldwell, California Serial Novelist and 50 U.S. States Serial Americana Short Story Writer is Teaching English to Students in Brazil

One can contact his office at: P.O. Contact: Sarah Goldberg, Dean Caldwell International, 909-285-8711, [email protected]  BRASILIA, Brazil, June 30, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — Dean Caldwell, serial Americana novelist of "Alabama, A Haven for Love," "Alaska, Love Found Under the Stars," "Arizona, An Adventure of Love" and the 50 U.S. "They also love to learn everything […]

Facebook Rejects Christian Fourth of July Video

Ethan Allen demanding the surrender of the British at Fort Ticonderoga "in the name of the Great Jehovah and the Continental Congress."  Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin promoting a scene out of the book of Exodus as the national seal. The video can be viewed or downloaded for free at He also recounts little-known […]