Cheap Trick – Walk Away Lyrics

You think that it’s funny, you think I’m a fool It’s nothin’ I needed, just somethin’ to do Out of touch out of time, it’s not easy to find, well These two hearts are broken before they start, so Walk away, walk away I don’t mind, I don’t mind Don’t act like you’re worried, I’m […]

Choir – Tears Don’t Fall Lyrics

Tears don’t fall, they don’t fall down He feigns a heart of passion And stains to emphathize He prays for hungry children But tears don’t fill his eyes He hears men scream in darkness And fears for their demise He calls on God to save them But tears don’t fill his eyes Tears don’t fall, […]

Chris De Burgh – Love & Time Lyrics

Love and time She is alone again, wondering how her world could have been, he’s on the phone again, telling her he’ll be working late, “we’re gonna have a real good life, the money keeps rolling in, we can never really have enough,” but he doesn’t see what she wants is: Love and time, dreams […]

Kiiara – Presents Lyrics

[Verse 1] All these, all these flames in my head And I don’t where they begin (Oh, Oh) All these words on my tongue I could scream, can’t spit ‘em out I don’t know why you got me choking [Chorus] Maybe it’s your presence I don’t really know It don’t really make sense And you […]

Yellow Days – Belong Togetger Lyrics

I’d be useless on my own (Don’t!) Don’t you know we belong together babe? Don’t you know we belong together babe? I’d be useless on my own (Don’t!) Don’t you know we belong together babe? I’d be useless on my own (Don’t!) Oh baby please Don’t make a fool out of me (Oh no) Cause […]

Ann Marie – Toxic Lyrics

(Oh) Lately we been fussin’ more and fuckin’ less Tell me what happened to the love we had [Chorus] When it’s bad, boy, it’s the worst Sometimes you work my nerves But baby, when it’s good, there ain’t no feelin’ on this earth That could compare to how we vibe You understand my mind Sometimes […]

Ghost – Hunter’s Moon Lyrics

[Verse 1] It’s been a long time coming I’m coming back for you, my friend To where we’d hide as children I’m coming back for you, my friend [Chorus] Though my memories have faded They come back to haunt me once again And though my mind is somewhat jaded now It’s time for me to […]

Ashnikko – Panic Attacks in Paradise Lyrics

[Verse 1] Typical of me to go and ruin the party Everybody says they love me but I’m still broken hearted They call me Polly Pessimism, I’m a macabre Barbie (I love you) [Pre-Chorus] My boyfriend wants to love me but I won’t let him I’ve been predisposed to trauma since I was eleven So […]

J Balvin – Vestido

Nos entendemo’ sin decirnos na’ Porque en la cama hablamos con la piel Somo’ unos santos para los demas Pero en la habitacion nada que ver A ti se te quita lo de dama Mientra’ yo te quito el vestido A ti te gusta que te trate bien Pero tambien pervertido Coro: Nunca perdemos el […]

Randi – Etajul Doi

Noul single lansat de Randi “Etajul Noi” va avea premiera pe data de 29 Septembrie, si marcheaza o noua productie a celor de la Famous Production. Refren: Am venit din nou pe stra-strada ta Sa vad cum arata dra-dragostea Jur ca nu pot sa mai plec inapoi Daca nu urc la etajul noi X2 Video […]

MAHIYA Lyrics and Video Song – Angad

Nahi rehna, nahi rehna tere naal Main mahiya nahi rehna Nahi rehna, nahi rehna tere naal Main mahiya nahi rehna Rang kala ho geya mera ve Main si laaya zor bathera ve Meri ankhon ohle hovi na Marju bin vekhe chehra ve Nahi sehna, nahi sehna dukh hor Kalli ne nahi sehna Nahi rehna, nahi […]

JAAN Lyrics and Video Song – Nimrat Khaira

Aithe kade othe jatta jaande ghum ke Kanna ch hulare vekh lainde jhumke Hath tera fadd tere naal turrna Ankhiyan de vich tu ae bahar surma Ishq tere di kahdi load ho gayi Pehlan naalon sohni ve main hor ho gayi Dovein hatthan vich bas kal sohneya Teeji ungli ch tera challa sohneya Saareyan ton […]