Author Exposes how Churches, Leaders Abuse Members with Damaging Results

Willeumier.Learn more at THE AUTHORChristine Hammond is a leading mental health influencer, author, and guest speaker. Christine is based in Orlando, Florida. Learn more about her practice at These experiences led her to write about, and treat, a wide range of abuses, many of which nobody sees coming."Most people have been abused, and often don’t even realize it," said Hammond, who has more than one million listeners to her podcast, "Understanding Today’s Narcissist." "They come to me with a variety of mental illnesses that, so often, can be traced back to abusive trauma, and usually linked to a family history or conditioning that seems to make the abuse seem ‘normal.’" In Abuse Exposed, Hammond offers several checklists for readers to discover abuse in their lives, and reveals how some churches can leave attendees ostracized, discounted, unfairly exposed or censored. Christine is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Qualified Supervisor by the State of Florida, a National Certified Counselor and Certified Family Trauma Professional. Her practice specializes in treating families of abuse and trauma, with personality disorders involved, and her expertise is based on her own personal experience.  SOURCE Grow With Christine, LLCCONTACT: David Jahr, 805-452-4180 


Tweet In ABUSE EXPOSED, Christine Hammond shares her journey to find faith in the "Father to the Fatherless," despite experiencing sexual and group psychological abuse NEWS PROVIDED BYGrow With Christine, LLCMay 4, 2021ORLANDO, Fla., May 4, 2021 /Christian Newswire/ — Churches are supposed to be a safe haven, but often this culture breeds group psychological abuse, doing more harm than good, according to Christine Hammond, a leading mental health influencer and author of the new book, ABUSE EXPOSED: Identifying Family Secrets That Breed Dysfunction, available now on Amazon®. Fortunately, she also provides practical tools to heal from the past so the abuse doesn’t linger into the future.The book has been recommended by many clients, psychiatrists, neurologists and therapists, including Kristen Willeumier, Ph.D., an accomplished neuroscientist and author of Biohack Your Brain."Abuse Exposed should be a required read for everyone…Christine serves as your thoughtful, compassionate therapist who will take you into a space where restoration of your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being is possible," said Dr. Hammond found her faith in God after falling victim to narcissistic verbal, physical and sexual abuse.