Are Cardi B and Saweetie Beefing? Fans Theorize A Brewing Feud

Fans are theorizing that there is a brewing beef between Cardi B and Saweetie. Hmmm. If that’s true, she missed out on the chance to also hang out with Lil Baby, Meek Mill, and many more well-known celebrities. Of course, it’s all still just rumors, though. (@MINAJSHAWNN) February 8, 2021

Facebook Rumors have begun to circulate that there might be some issues between the two leading ladies of Quavo and Offset. They referred to the line where Cardi uses one of Saweetie’s catchphrases, “I know that’s right.” One fan questioned, “Im wondering how saweetie feels about cardi using ha catchphrase.”

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Unconfirmed reports have offered that Saweetie was banned from Cardi and Offset’s luxury box. — TiffaniLopez (@Taeffani041001) February 8, 2021

I wonder how Saweetie feels about Cardi saying I know that's right! (@_DAZEofourlives) February 8, 2021

I find it interesting that cardi n Saweetie are never in the same space. It’s like I can never catch my 2 girls in the same frame? Other’s are using Cardi’s new song “Up” to illustrate their point. View this post on Instagram

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Where’s my baby, Saweetie? There is a strong belief that there’s an underlying beef between them. — gaza grinch. (@OnikasdracoX) February 8, 2021

I really want to know what’s the beef between Saweetie and Cardi they keep it so classy lol
—? It may not be long before the Migos link up and make a forceful return to the limelight. Even though Cardi B and Saweetie have been spotted together in the past and seem to enjoy each other’s company when they are out, fans are not convinced. It’s been pointed out that she was also in Tampa for her Saweetie Bowl but did not make an appearance. As fans zeroed in on the issue, one said, “Where’s my baby, Saweetie? Jade Love? Many others chimed in, noting that there weren’t a lot of public posts of all four of them together. Fans highlighted their conspiracy theories once again after the recently concluded Super Bowl, in which Cardi, Offset, and Quavo were seen taking it in live from a luxury box in Tampa Bay, while Saweetie took it in on television. While many fans are hoping for this, there may be some drama in the camp, or it could be that fans are digging for some sort of news. in her new song. — ?????? (@JadeLove21__) February 8, 2021

Im wondering how saweetie feels about cardi using ha catchphrase
— ????? It’s like I can never catch my 2 girls in the same frame,”. The guesses just kept adding fuel to the fire. Until one of the people involved speaks about it, fans will just have to keep guessing. I was like ???