Angry Johnny & The Killbillies – Drag Racing The Devil Lyrics

So I said “All right buddy, right back in your face. I’ll race you to the end of the world just tell
Me – what are the stakes?”
He rolled his back window down, I saw
Something big and brown
It was a big ol’ Rottweiler stuck his head
Out to look around
And I knew who I was racing, the light turned
Green I punched that hammer down
I got about a quarter mile I looked to my left
And I saw him smile
He was all ov ANGRY JOHNNY & THE KILLBILLIESDrag Racing The Devil Lyrics
I was sitting at a red light
|I was waiting for a green light
Up pulls this El Dorado with plates
That said “diablo”
With a guy, looked like an undertaker
Smile on his face, leaned out the window
And said:
“Hey Hayseed, you wanna race?”
Will I had nothing better to do since my baby
Gave me that big F.U.