Angel Haze – No Limits

Power! No limits, no limits, I say
Power! What are the five things you are willing to let go of? Uh…attachment to toxic things in my life. I do my work wit my hands in
Never got hand outs
Never got pension
But i am a beast when i get on my pen shit
I spit in cursive u niggas is scribblin’
I swear to God I been searching for peace
Nobody scratches the surface for free
Cuz all that pretense n pretending defense for pennies
That shit wasn’t working for me, so I

[Verse 2]
Now im like
Who did it whose is it
I need some proof with it
I tie yo laces myself if the shoe fit it
I got my shooters outside & the coupe tinted
I put them chickens right back in the coop with it
Hotter than houston i chop u like screw did it
Back on my bullshit back in the blue fitted
I said i was shaking hands with the devil
A rock in a hard place being thrown like a pebble
Gave all you niggas the chance to make history
Now u just kinda gotta sit back and witness me
Changing the tides of what u thought the shit would be
Glory to god!!! [Verse 1]
I’m all about love
And synergy focus the energy
[?] Face what’s been hindering all of my gifts
Like I’m trapped in my centerpiece
Life was just peaches well fuck it
I’m Jiminy Crickets
Whenever I ask who contending me
I’ve been the best for what feels like infinities
Feels like my heart was mountain with wildebeests
Start cutting the weeds and now its anemone
God its a feeling b nothing can limit me
Handle my gifts now im brazen not timidly
I emit glory when u in my vicinity
And i just went xena start murking my enemies
I got the plans, God is my mans
Fuck making friends and fuck making amends
Yall gotta pay for the days that you lost in ur race
Cuz you niggas just wanted advances
Fuck you! Crutches, all of my crutches. A young bitch got the victory
U could too if u knew what this game would do to you
Gotta have faith in what you do
K? Spirit! Fear. (Love)
Heal it! My ego. And my past
Risk being uncomfortable to become unstoppable
I’m just different (I’m just) I’m just different
I risk all of my fake friends just to go handle my business
Yeah I’m just different
Ay y’all bear with me, bear with me
I risk ego, pride, fear, disguise and days spent pretending
Yeah I’m not different, but I’ve got ambition
And I risk everything that I got
Just to make sure y’all get it
That I’m so different (I’m so different)
I don’t have to fit in
What the fuck is that? Negativity. [Intro]
I asked you the other day to give me five major things that you are willing to let go in order to claim your victory over your life. Dot dot like doo doo doo
Im just tryna drop knowledge
Ain’t go to college
Shouldn’t have dropped it
Now im at the bank withdrawing deposits
I want the statements i read the clauses
This congregation needed a profit
Now that they got one this is the offering (yeah!)
I just decided to bet on me
And im thankful cuz i couldve lost it all

[Outro] (Love)
That’s no limits, that’s no limits ahh! Feel it! Healing!