Andy Mineo – Herman Miller Lyrics

All gas, no brake
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Sittin' good, that's that Herman Miller (Woah)
Eatin' good, baby, that's the Chick-Fil-A (Woah)
In the house, I feel like Swisher
I ain't with the negative, get the picture
[Verse 1]
Man, I'm stressed, stressed about some things I cannot change
But I'm blessed, forty hours back-to-back I think I need some rest, look
When you really got it you don't never gotta flex
I thought God ain't walkin' with me, found out it was a test (What? (Oh, yeah)
And bump all that bonchinche 'cause we grown now, yeah
All gas, no brake (What?)
All gas, no— (What?)
Woo What? What?)
It's a test, gettin' married, gettin' therapy, that's things I don't regret, uh
Grandma told me, "Watch your mouth 'cause, boy, you gettin' fresh"
When you really love yourself, who else is there to impress? No one left
All gas, no brake
All gas, no brake
[Verse 2]
Whole crew, everybody ten toes down (Everybody ten toes)
Real skill, no gimmick, never trolled out (I ain't never did that)
Didn't know, guess what, now they know now (Uh, what?)
Came up right when I shoulda broke down
It's a lotta con artists, gotta keep the pros 'round (Oh, yeah)
Sellin' shows, I never had to sell my soul out (Oh, yeah), uh
In the city, got to get a chimi in chinola
Triple fat goose on me 'cause you know it's cold out (Oh, yeah)
When I show up then you already know I'm 'bout to show out (What's that talk?), yeah
Didn't get the job done, that's the way you know you finna get blown out (No, I can't)
Do you run the drama only if you know that I'm 'bout to roll out?