Allure – The Shore (wanna Be Your Lady) Lyrics

ALLUREThe Shore (wanna Be Your Lady) Lyrics
It was a summer night by the shore
We watched the sun rise
Who could ask for more
That’s when I knew it had to be you
Then things changed
Was it to blame
The way I feel I can’t describe
Do I wanna live
Or lay down and die
It’s killing me
All the pain, the pain baby
I’m feelin’ sexy, crazy, I wanna be your lady
Furious, serious, love is so misterious
Toss and turn all night
Can’t figure out why we fight
I’m feelin’ shot, why did you make me cry
City lights, pretty bright
Wonderin’ can I fly tonight
All alone by the phone
Knowin’ that our love is gone
Who would of thought that I
Would give myself to someone like you
We found that special place
Nothin’ and no one could ever erase
I gave my all to you
You were my reason for living
How could you take that away
Remember that summer night
As we watched the night fall
You releasing me a love
I never felt before
No child to call my mommy
No one to need me
No one to call my all
I can’t go on