Alkaline Makes Historic Appearance On Audiomack’s “Fine Tuned”

Beckford said that she was proud of her brother’s hard work and admired the fact that he is always trying to break new ground for dancehall globally. “His fans will be very appreciative of what he has put together. That’s just what Alkaline will do today as he will become the first hardcore dancehall act to go live on Audiomack’s hit live performance series Fine Tuned. Alkaline‘s manager, who is also his sister, Kereena Beckford, spoke about the upcoming performance. I am a proud manager and sister to the artiste and talent that is Alkaline.”

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Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) It’s a big deal for dancehall music because the Fine Tuned programme largely features hip-hop artistes. “It’s going to be special. Kranium, who has a different catalog of music, is the only other Jamaican act to be featured in the series, and that was back in 2019. I love it. “He has been working over the years and it’s always a good feeling to have a complete package and something that is a project that’s well-executed,” she said. It will be him and one acoustic guitar and he will be performing (the singles) Cree and Ocean Wave. Many well-known artists have already appeared in the series, including Akon, Ne-Yo, and Lil Durk. He will be the first hardcore dancehall artiste to perform on the series and I am excited for the fans to see it,” she said. Dancehall artists always look forward to milestones in their career, but very few can say that they created history for the genre. He’s stuck to the format that he knows, and Top Prize features 14 singles. Fine Tuned, follows a similar format to the popular 90s hit MTV Unplugged and features artists with a live instrumentalist for a more personal feel when delivering hits. It seems the artist, whose real name is Earlan Bartley, is making a reemergence as this performance comes on the heels of his announcement that he is preparing to drop his second full-length album, Top Prize. Fans can expect a “discography of music that is suited for all demographics.”
Beckford said that she believed that Alkaline’s hard work and dedication over the years will come across on this album. Alkaline’s next album is expected to drop May 14 and follows his first one back in 2016 called New Level Unlocked.