Algebra Suicide – Tractor Pull Lyrics

Outside, it was dusk enough to make things invisible
And I heard a car swerve as it skinned the elbow of an ugly child
It didn't make the news, though I did wonder how hard it would be for a tractor to skin anything
No matter how impulsive it was on the open fields
It was an hour before I fell asleep again and dreamed I was on a soggy bed
While Mom ironed linen curtains in the other room, saying:
"Isn't it awful here with all the heat and the fever blisters and no trees to block the tumbleweeds
From coming in the windows?"
I looked up at the open prairie skies and all its stillness and I forgot that the TV was silent
Letting us remember all the loud colors of the world This evening, upon waking, I saw [?] saying, "I'm going to a tractor pull."
And I didn't understand.