Aaron Alexander – Faces

[Verse 1]
These pills are fucking up my mental
These conversations in my hate they make me feel insane
In the membrane, in the brain
Pour a four up in their two liter we leanin’
Pour some weed up in that swisher and we smo-king
Why am I living this life, I can’t say I’m living it right
I’m on a propeller I’m lifting my nigga I know that I’m taking this flight
And I should do better at least I’m not one of them niggas who’s fighting for life
But I see them casting their bait
So fuck it I’m gone have to bite
See really I’m doing the honors, tryna get rich for my momma
I have been drowning in all of these compliments swimming pass all the piranhas
Some of them niggas are fakes
They only love you when you making them songs
When you’re not making them songs, watch how they leave you alone
Swear that I’m better off anyway, I’m not longer wasting my energy
Cause with friends like, some of you niggas you better off hanging with enemies
And I see some snakes in the garden, they shedding their scales in the grass
They wanna take what I have
Won’t let them take what I have
[Hook: TEE & Aaron]
I see all these faces and I don’t trust a soul, no no
I see all these faces and I don’t trust a soul (x2)
[Verse 2: D3VEN]
My gear grinding counterclockwise, checker me on the oppside
Been driving bandwagon and offering infinite cock rides
Quantizing my freedom, It’s impossible to lead ’em
Unless you’re comfortable conforming and opting out of the bleeding
Never ever sell a dwelling those lights are foreign to the melon
No sights for a young niggas talent, whole life is second given seconds, shit
But who I’m I to tell it, no better yet who are you to sell it
Same ones I swore to hold down, they almost knock it down of heaven’s gates
How long until the levy breaks, I’m swerving just to get it straight
I capsize and got baptized by every second guess, take
Lord help me please I’m going deep
I call you on you every 16
Giving all I got to the universe
Cause I’m never calling on the sistine
Please, missing keys
Left all alone, In a dark hallway and it feel a mile long
You can catch me in another life
Never waiting on another night
Anchor on the pedal gold on the bezel moving time in another light
I see all these faces and I don’t trust a soul, no no
I see all these faces and I don’t trust a soul (x2)
[Verse 3]
They don’t wanna see you happy
They don’t wanna see you thrive
They don’t wanna see you live, they would rather take your life
See I ain’t worried bout them niggas
I’m always known to survive
Through adversity move with a purpose I stay
On my toes purposely, never slip
I never trip about any them niggas I’m better than
I gave them my light, you’d think my nickname was Edison
I gave them my life from my moves to my residence
I never thought twice moving snakes it will get you bit
Never trust an unfamiliar face, that’s just common sense
My nigga that’s common sense
I see all these faces and I don’t trust a soul, no no
I see all these faces and I don’t trust a soul (x2)