50 Cent Reacts To Ja Rule Lawsuit Over Massive Tax Debt: “Pay Your Taxes Fool”

veteran. He was speaking to 50’s claim that he once bought multiple tickets to a Ja Rule concert in 2018 just so the seats would be empty. I tell ni**as, I say, ‘Yo, I got 10 stacks right now for anybody that can find footage of this foolery that this n***a is talking about.’ Listen, we live in a world of f***ing, everything is on video. View this post on Instagram

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Over the years, the beef threatened to spill over as the two take jabs at each other at every opportunity. 50 Cent never miss an opportunity to trash his old foe Ja Rule. How my ni**a Bobby Shmurda did it? When it comes to Ja Rule, though, his reaction has no rules as he seizes every opportunity to drag the Murder Inc. The headline was shared via a screenshot of the article about the IRS’s suing Ja Rule and his wife on his account with the caption, “you gotta pay your taxes fool.”
The two rappers have had one of the longest beef in rap history, dating back to the late 1990s. However, Ja Rule says the issues come from a video shoot in Queens, New York. “It’s cap, yo!” Ja Rule said. It’s the dumbest shit ever, yo. Stop with the foolery, man!”
He went on to add, “Even the thought of it is still stupid, because ni**a, all you did if you did that, was put money in my pocket. And what you think the promoter is going to do? You let ni**as in free or charge them again! His latest antics saw him sharing a news article that said his arch-rival owed over $3 million to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on his Instagram account to his 26 million followers. Come on, man. Have an empty venue? Such cap! But yeah, it’s cap. The two rappers have been locked in a beef that spans decades, and it seems that 50’s latest behavior might tip the scale over. Recently, Ja Rule referred to 50 Cent as the “king of cap” while doing an interview with HipHopDX in January. King of cap, ni**a. Fiddy is hilarious, but sometimes his actions are not only petty but downright ridiculous. “Cap! Never happened.”
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Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) He’s capping. According to 50 Cent, who spoke of the bad blood, it started in 1999 after Ja Rule saw him with a man who allegedly robbed him of his jewelry. He says 50 Cent became jealous because he was “getting so much love” from the neighborhood that 50 Cent came from. On Thursday, 50 Cent shared a post that might cause the feud to be revived.