50 Cent Aggressively Move To Seize Teairra Mari’s Assets Over Unpaid Debt

The legal battle started in 2019 after 50 Cent re-posted a graphic video of Teairra Mari with what appeared to be “semen” on her face. The rap icon had reportedly made threats reflecting this move in the past. The documents disclosed that this includes an extra $2,597.80 for interest and an additional $4,492 because Teairra was “sanctioned in the case”. Share this:

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Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) He previously said he would be going after “any and every check that Teairra Mari would receive,” and standing to his word, the court feud has been reignited. Notably, the “Many Men” rapper has been unsuccessful in his attempts to get Mari’s financial records. The rapper has reportedly filed documents to seize Mari’s assets. In addition, the judge ordered Mari to pay 30,000 to 50 Cent for his legal fees. As it turns out, Mari did not pay the fee, and 50 being 50, is on a pursuit to make her. 50 Cent is apparently not letting his legal feud with Love, and Hip Hop star Teairra Mari diminish any time soon. 50 Cent captioned the post on IG, “Get the strap.”
On this merit, Teairra Mari pursued a lawsuit against 50 Cent and Abdul-Ahad for revenge porn allegations. Teairra claimed that her ex-boyfriend Akbar Abdul-Ahad hacked her Instagram account and posted the video. The Love and Hip Hop star said they were participating in a plan to sexually objectify, intimidate, degrade, threaten, and humiliate her. Documents obtained by Radar Online revealed that the Power Mogul’s lawyers told the court that Mari did not pay him his $37,733. This would entitle Fiddy to all of Mari’s assets. A judge ruled that 50 Cent was simply re-posting a video that was already all over the internet, and Mari lost her suit. The documents also revealed that a “write of execution” was filed against Mari by 50 Cent.