ETF Covered Calls 08-06-2010

The stock market is turning into some weird repository of gamblers and crazy investments.   If we were living in 2007, a world relatively free from leveraged ETF’s and other crap, I’d say the market was finally stabilizing and returning to normal.   When I run the ETF Cashinator now, all I see is crazy speculation and large inflows/outflows of leveraged ETF’s.   I don’t know what to make of it except perhaps to think that there is a fundamental movement OUT of normal equities and into exotic instruments.   I’m only investing in OIH at the moment and in cash the rest of the time.  Looks like my play on the Gulf recovery was a good move for now.

Here’s the Google Link to the ETF Cashinator Report.   It is full of garbage.

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  1. jeff says:

    i agree – It is full of garbage except NG it has not re-covered

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