ETF Covered Calls 1-15-2010

Well I jokingly told a friend that the fuse for the stock market bomb would be lit this week and today seemed to confirm that as I expect the market to dip further next week.   I did a 10 year historical view of the stock market charts for January and almost without fail, the market goes down the third week in January.  It has done so for the last 8 of the last 10 years so I figured the trend would continue this year.     In the upcoming months we face the Fed draining liquidity from the financial system, a huge number of ARM resets, bank failures, global sovereign defaults in Greece, Spain, Ireland, UAE and UK and a plethora of other news that is anything but optimistic.   The ETF-Cashinator is showing that commodities are the new game in town as there is heavy interest in Gold, Oil, Natural Gas, Food/Ag, and minerals.   Here’s the report.

Here’s the google link.

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