A Year In Review

There was little activity in my mini and arbitrage accounts and the bulk of the transactions were in the Power Account but overall I made about 17% given my weak constitution for the roller coaster market in 2009.   While no doubt some one will point out that the market is up 60% from the March all time low, I have serious doubts that anyone went “all in” in March of 2009 and loaded up on stocks.  Sure a few people kept buying and averaged their way higher but I still think I did pretty good considering the circumstances.

Also, I’m still negative on a few positions but I’m still generating cash flow and that’s the important thing.   We’ll see what 2010 holds in store for all of us this year.   You can review my 2009 transaction below:

Power Account Transactions 2009

Date Activity Symbol Quantity Price Amount % Return
01/05/09 Sell Contracts (Existing shares) OIHGV 4 $4.63 $1,840.00 4.00%
07/20/09 Options Expiration OHQGV 4      
08/24/09 Sell Contracts OIHIV 4 $4.35 $1,726.00 3.95%
09/19/09 Assigned OIH 400 $110 $43,980.00  
11/02/09 Buy Shares OIH 400 $118.32 -$47,338.00  
11/02/09 Sell Contracts OIHKD 4 $3.68 $1,459.00 3.08%
11/13/09 Buy To Open UUPCY 50 $0.26 -$1,350.00  
11/20/09 Options Expired OIHKD        
12/01/09 Sell Shares OIH 400 $119.91 $47,953.17 1.3%
12/21/09 Buy Shares OIH 400 $119.52 -47,818.00  
12/21/09 Sell Contracts OIHBD 4 $5.67 $2,265.00 4.7%
Today Running Total       $5,831.00 17.03%

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