ETF Covered Calls 10-09-2009

It’s often amazing how people expect accurate prediction to the hour, minute, second on what’s going to happen with this market.  Yeah, the market is up this week just like it was up 48% right after the big crash during the great depression then it went on to plunge another 80% a few months after that. I’m not saying that this will happen again but it’s more likely, in my opinion, than a giant rally but anything can happen.   Right now, the ETF-Cashinator is showing a great deal of volatility and that does not foretell any stability in the market.     Here’s the report:

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2 Responses to ETF Covered Calls 10-09-2009

  1. Fletch says:

    Was this comment directed at me?

  2. Rich says:

    Lol! I must have the worlds most narcissist readers! No Fletch not you (this time) I do have quite a few readers you know ;) but most prefer to e-mail me than post comments here for some reason.

    If I want to respond to you I’ll generally post a comment under yours (like this one).

    Have a great day!

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