ETF Covered Calls 09-04-2009

Another flat week for the market but let’s see what the eclectic ETF Cashinator has to say about it!

I took a peak at October and November options, October is garbagely volatile and November is surprisingly stable so my thesis may hold true -  a crash sometime between now and October – originally I expected a crash in September because the Fed was supposed to stop buying treasuries this month but they extended it to October.    Of course, the Fed and Treasury can keep pulling rabbits out of their hat so don’t bank on any of my advice.  I remain reluctant to get into this market because the rules and activities keep changing!

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2 Responses to ETF Covered Calls 09-04-2009

  1. rigel says:

    Is the entire Cashinator report posted, or just these first two pages or fifty-nine? Would love to see the whole report?

  2. RichSlick says:

    The ETF Cashinator report only lists ETF covered calls that yield > 3.0% via covered call transaction within a 30 day period up to the next options expiry.

    It would be time consuming and difficult for me to post the entire report each time and much of the information beyond the 3% cc’s aren’t worth much to anyone. For example there is no point in trading a highly volatile ETF for a 1% return if chances are that the ETF will change in value more than 1% on any given day.

    I was working on a full featured version but I’ve been sidetracked with other money making projects and until my subscriber base seriously climbs, it would be a money losing endeavor to pour resources into it at the moment.

    Thanks for being a reader though.

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