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The Dow dropped nearly 300 points and broke below 7000 so I cranked up the ETF-Cashinator for some clues about the markets future.  I was initially happy when I saw that the April calls look like the premium/ratios were returning to more normal levels and was planning to write that we would hit the bottom sometime between now and April but then I looked at the ETF-Putinator and my jaw nearly dropped!   The ETF-Putinator is showing crazy and wild premiums/ratios for every month into the future!    It makes sense that everyone is negatively and massively placing negative bets or buying insurance against further losses.   As a contrarian type investor I actually see this as a positive sign as everyone has piled on to the stern of the ship so it’s time to consider moving toward the bow for some profits.  It is simply concerning that sooo many people have piled to the backside that it may tip the whole thing (market) over once and for all.   Let’s see what happens tomorrow…

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