ETF Covered Calls 11-28-2008

 Sorry for the late post but hey it’s Thanksgiving holiday!  The ETF-Cashinator has kicked out fewer opportunities and I’m beginning to wonder if this is the beginning of the market stabilizing or if there’s lower volatility because of the holiday and less people are trading.   It’s encouraging to see the number of high yield ETF covered calls come down a bit.   We’ll see what next week brings…

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2 Responses to ETF Covered Calls 11-28-2008

  1. The Travelin' Man says:

    “Volitility coming down a bit” and ONLY nine pages kicked out, huh? :-) I guess considering the past few weeks, things could be calming some.

    I am actually glad that my 401k (yeah….403b, who cares?) still has me investing every two weeks. If I had to make a decision on what to buy or whether to buy in these markets, I don’t know what I would do. At the end of the day, I feel a little better knowing that some portion of my portfolio is on auto-pilot (to some extent) and I am buying more while prices are cheap(er). For me, it is a good example of why no one strategy is the perfect strategy – diversification, not just of the holdings in your portfolio – but, of the methods you use in that portfolio – is a good idea.

    Will probably be a little while before we can determine if that pays off or not, though.

  2. RichSlick says:

    It’s been a significant improvement given that we’re weeks away from December expiry.

    I agree on the 401k, I’ve been socking away the max every year at 15.5k with a full 6% match so let’s hope that move plays out.

    Corporate bonds look sooo good right now though but there’s a reason: risk!

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