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I’ve been running the ETF-Cashinator every day this week and it’s not pretty.  With 9 days to go before November options expiry, the calls and puts premiums are crazy.   The ETF-Cashinator cranked out almost every ETF as having high call premiums.   It’s going to be a rough nine days from here on out.   The market may rally but I’m expecting it to fall off the cliff.    The only glimmer here is I’m deep in DUG and that has been rallying while the market is dropping.    Good luck.

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2 Responses to Market Update

  1. The Travelin' Man says:


    Did you hit the $1.80/sh dividend on DUG? I thought I remembered you including dividend payments (or at least significant ones). I just can’t tell from your purchases if you missed the ex-date. An additional $1.80/sh would make your previous trade an excellent one in this market!

  2. RichSlick says:

    Yeah, I got about $1000 in dividends & capital gains. I’m keeping the $5400 in options calls too ;)

    Unfortunately, DUG is very wild and I’ve missed a couple of opportunities to sell high and buy back low :(

    Maybe next week!

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