ETF Covered Calls 10-31-2008

November expiry is 21 days away and if you think this week’s rally means it is an uphill climb from here you might want to think again… The ETF-Cashinator kicked out over 10 pages of ETF’s with extreme premiums.  The ETF-Putinator kicked out more than the usual opportunities with very high premiums.   There will be more market volatility in the coming weeks.    I’m guessing the election is going to make some people very happy and some very mad which may not bode well for markets in the short term.  If OIH rallies on Monday, I’ll try to sell calls or sell out of OIH to revert to cash but we’ll see what happens.   Here are this weeks ETF-Cashinator picks…..

2008-1031.png 2008-1031b.png 2008-1031c.png 2008-1031d.png 2008-1031e.png 2008-1031f.png 2008-1031g.png 2008-1031h.png 2008-1031i.png 2008-1031j.png

2008-1031puts.png 2008-1031putsb.png 2008-1031putsc.png 2008-1031putsd.png

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