5 Responses to Trade – Buy/Write DUG/DUGJQ

  1. Joe says:

    Hey Slick,

    I bought about 300 shares of UYG @ avg price of 16.93. I could be wrong but don’t you think that AIG’s collapse is already factored into today’s UYG prices?.. or is it that you expect more firms to go down.. I am betting on UYG doubling in the next 3-4 years and I think that this is a good price. whats your take?


  2. Eric says:

    Am I reading it right that while IYE is trading at around $39, its october $110 calls are at $8.50? That’s more than 20% roi! What am I not understanding here that makes it seem too good to be true?

  3. RichSlick says:


    those are ADJUSTED options, be careful with them.

    UYG may double but banks continue to fail and I’m not sure what this new government bailout will do long term. DUG just seemed like a safe play for me than UYG. It was a tough call but there are plenty of opportunities out there.

  4. Joe says:

    Yeah you are right.. I’m going sell all my positions within the next week.. especially if UYG touches 25..

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